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Indie Roundup | Five New Songs For The First Friday of Your Year

Offended by Everyone, Cabinet of Millionaires, Aenimus & Pas Musique make tracks.


Offended by Everything deliver the new normal, Cabinet of Millionaires take to the street, Aenimus take it on the lamb and Pas Musique double up in today’s Roundup. Tick-tock, Clarice. Tick-tock.

1 There are plenty of bands out there with topical names. But if you can think of one with a more timely handle than Dallas foursome Offended by Everything, clue me in. (Then again, don’t — somebody’s likely to be ticked off about it.) Oddly enough, however, the young outfit’s sound is anything but trendy, harking back to the melodic sound and emotive energy of ’90s pop-punk — along with the occasionally wordy title. Check out their single You Call It Normal, I Call it Monotony — from their just-released EP Evergreen — and tell me I’m wrong. (Then again, don’t — I’m likely to be ticked off about it.) SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Evergreen is our own blend of former and current Pop Punk. It’s something extremely personal to all of us, but we also wanted to create something that any fan of the genre would want to jam!” Call it what you want above.

2 The Yanks don’t have a monopoly on topicality. Look no further than British electronica act Cabinet of Millionaires. Their latest single Theresa takes beleaguered British PM Theresa May to task for austerity programs that are leaving the poor and the homeless increasingly desperate. Ironically, its pointed messages is delivered via earwormy gospel-soul vocals, set to an irresistibly funky groove that would surely put May’s non-existent dancing skills to the ultimate test. The marionette in the accompanying video doesn’t deliver on that account either — and ends up where May will soon find herself, one suspects. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Some would label this agit-house, some electro-rock, others social disco. Whatever you’d like to call it, Cabinet Of Millionaires is an uncompromising project with a ballsy soulful political message and infectious grooves.”

3 Have you ever noticed how many songs are based on books and movies? I figure it has something to do with all the time bands spend travelling between gigs and waiting around to play. Not surprisingly, a lot of those songs are inspired by chiller thrillers. Case in point: The Dark Triad from Bay Area techno-blasters Aenimus. If the darkly complex cut — the second advance single from their Feb. 22 album Dreamcatcher — has you craving fava beans and a nice chianti, no wonder. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:The Dark Triad is based on Silence of the Lambs and Clarice trying to understand Hannibal. Clarice tries to categorize Hannibal by using the dark triad in psychology which refers to the personality traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. However, Hannibal’s condition isn’t anything she has encountered before which leads Hannibal to manipulate her.” It clicks on the link below. IT CLICKS ON THE LINK!!

4+5 Sometimes one song is not enough. So industrious Brooklyn experimentalists Pas Musique are offering up a double-dose of eclectic electronic eccentricity and improvised vocals from their March 1 album The Phoenix. Start with the squelchy clanger A Finnish Bedtime Story. Follow up with the glitchy mind-melter Electronic Brain. Then begin counting down the days until you can hear more from this envelope-shredding foursome. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Comprised of seven tracks, The Phoenix presents a diverse palette of experimental electronic music — with some tracks flowing and building, while others are packed with industrial crunch and a notable hint of krautrock.” Get ready to do the robot:

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