Kat Greta Kicks Off The Season To Believe

The Australian singer-songwriter keeps the faith in her single & animated video.

Kat Greta believes that now is the Season To Believe in her uplifting and inspiring new single and animated video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Set to a ’70s pop groove, Season To Believe is about having faith in who you are and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. The feel-good tune relays a message to live out life to the fullest and that the season to believe is now. “I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams (and to) also listen to their inner voice and be authentic,” says the Australian singer-songwriter.

Although she’s a natural-born musician with a lifetime of experience as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Greta has only just begun stepping into the spotlight and presenting herself as a singer. The Melbourne artist is defying what it looks like to be a modern-day musician.

She remains in her own lane, holding a constant appreciation for the melodies and chord progressions from the ’60s and ’70s. For her own songwriting, she pulls inspiration from the likes of Simon & Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac and The Carpenters.

The skillful songwriter was brought up on music — her first melodic memory comes from when she was only two years old. Surrounded by the encouragement and praise from family and friends, Greta explored numerous different instruments, undoubtedly one of the shaping factors that has led her to be the versatile artist she is today. Now, Greta has found her calling in songwriting and performing — something that brings her back to being a joy-filled child free of today’s worries.

Watch the animated video for Season To Believe above, hear more from Kat Greta below, and don’t stop believin’ on her website and Instagram.



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