Avry is Calling With Swoon-Worthy Single Back To You

The pop singer and 4.0.4. member returns with a mellow and relaxing groove.


Avry is stuck on romantic hold in his latest single and video Back To You — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The song begins with the ringing of a phone and an automated voice message for a “not-in-service” number, and it’s not long after that Back to You really kicks off into a mellow and relaxing groove.

Avry’s smooth melody and lush vocals are backed by an infectious and consistent digital bass groove, oscillating drum tracks, and sporadic sound samples. The singer/songwriter revealed the instrumental track was created by the Canadian producer Chiara, and that he heard it while sitting in the passenger seat of his friend’s car. In the span of just one minute, Avry said he had a topline for the beat and rushed back to his home studio to record the first draft of the project that night.

To help complete the song, Avry enlisted producer Chris Stiliadis to complete all post-production and mastering work and ultimately help bring Back To You to the next level, he says. Though he didn’t produce the instrumentals, Avry (aka Connor Anderson), wrote the lyrics and the vocal arrangement. He described it as one of the most organically created songs he has ever made, and that “the lyrics came so quickly and naturally.”

Following the initial release of Back To You last November, Avry said he immediately had an idea and rushed to set up a meeting with Vancouver-based photographer Muni to see if he would help record a music video. He wanted the film to be recorded on the rooftop of Gastown — a Vancouver landmark — because he felt Back To You is “a great representation of the summers in Vancouver and Toronto, and the carefree life we’ve been trying to live among the craziness of the pandemic.”

Avry was — and still is — part of the Canadian music trio 4.0.4, along with group members Noah and Memblem. He wanted to pursue his own career on the side to help expand his discography, network and skill sets.

Watch Back To You above, hear more from Avry below, and follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.