Shiny Brain Crayons Serve Up Noodles For Life

The U.K. pop duo cook up a tasty treat with their trippy sophomore single.

Shiny Brain Crayons embrace the flavourful messiness of existence with their new single Noodles For Life — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The second single from the emerging U.K. pop duo, Noodles For Life cooks up a hazy, washed-out with bouncing bass exhales, sweeping away the texture for the abstract poetry verse that takes you on a cinematic journey through time, space and nature.

Shiny Brain Crayons have been firing earfuls of musical joy in south London lately. Producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stergin heralds from the Austrian mountains. He’s been signed to major and indie labels, composed music for Olympia 2020, worked for human rights organizations in Amsterdam and Los Angeles and also was part of InHouse Records — the world’s first label operating in and out of prisons. He’s also the founder of The Mindful Ukulele Method, combining the teachings of mindfulness with the learning of how to play the ukulele.

Photo by Nora Jenewein.

Vocalist, bassist and songwriter Marianne Canning emigrated to the city from the calm suburbs of Reading. As well as embracing the multi-instrumentalist life on keyboard, guitar and voice, Marianne is a trained classical violinist. Cutting her teeth touring nationally and internationally in violin, bass and keyboard she has been busy playing as a session musician with multiple acts. Career highlights include supporting Die Toten Hosen and The Subways in Germany with The King Blues to a 50,000-person crowd in 2018 and playing Reading and Leeds Festivals 2011 with A Genuine Freakshow.

They’ve been making music together for the past five years, morphing into Shiny Brain Crayons to release a new untended energy. SBC love to get their crayons out and create, experiment and connect to their inner child: “When your mind is open and free, songs and ideas come more easily to express yourself, let your imagination run wild.” Listen carefully and you may just feel your vibrational aura rise as you sing along with their catchy riffs.

Check out Noodles For Life above and below, and follow Shiny Brain Crayons on Instagram and Facebook.


Photo by Nora Jenewein.
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