Von Venn Want To Be Your Hero

The Irish popsters wish they could save the day with their yearning new single.

Von Venn wish they could be your knight in shining armor in their lush and lovely new single Hero — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The brainchild of songwriter Gary Cox, Ireland’s Von Venn embark on an exciting new journey with Hero, the latest track from their most recent album Jeanie Is Out. Hero radiates an irresistible, calm, and charming allure, making it the ideal soundtrack for late summer days and early autumn evenings. The track orchestrates a captivating symphony of elements, with the bass gracefully gliding atop foot-tapping drum beats, chorus- soaked guitars saturating the air, and Cox’s passionate vocals weaving a poignant narrative.

Based in Dublin, the group have been honing their craft, infusing fresh vitality into the scene. With a harmonious blend of contemporary indie nuances and a touch of nostalgic charm, they continue to reinvent the very essence of musical storytelling, breathing life into each note and lyric, ensuring their music resonates deeply with listeners across the globe. Jeanie Is Out boasts a collection of 10 mesmerizing indie-rock tracks, including the singles Constant Girl and In Time.

Check out Hero above, sample more from Jeanie Is Out below, and follow Von Venn on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.