Tinnitist TV | Episode 9: Tunic’s David Schellenberg

The leader of the Winnipeg noise-rocks talks about their new album Quitting & more.

Tunic, for those who aren’t yet up to speed, are a great noise-punk band from Winnipeg. Their sound is hard and loud and fast and aggressive and abrasive and caustic and angular and punishing — somewhere in the vicinity of bands like Big Black, The Jesus Lizard and KEN mode, assuming those names mean anything to you. (And if they don’t, well, they should. Go and check them out. You’ll be glad you did. Anyway …)

Underneath all the volume and power and propulsion of Tunic‘s two-minute songs, you’ll find the great songwriting and well-crafted, thoughtful lyrics of singer-guitarist and songwriter David Schellenberg. Look no further than their latest album Quitter. Produced by Jace Lasek of Besnard Lakes, it’s something of a loose concept piece that deals with everything from the loss of their bassist to Schellenberg’s recent decisions regarding her personal vices, career and mental health. I recently spoke to him about the album, their incredibly disciplined music, their role in Winnipeg’s rich punk legacy and more. Check it out. And then read more about Tunic and Quitter HERE.