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Robby Krieger | The Ritual Begins At Sundown

The Doors guitarist rocks like a Mother on his first new album in a decade.

There are Doors fans. And there are Zappa fans. But there aren’t many albums that could potentially appeal to both camps. Until now. Guitarist Robby Krieger obviously made his mark with Jim Morrison and co. But on The Ritual Begins At Sundown, his latest solo release (and first album in a decade), he rocks out like a Mother. And rocks out with a few. Along with his longtime bassist Arthur Barrow — a key member of Zappa’s band from the late ’70s to the mid-’80s — Krieger recruits several more FZ sidemen and even covers the iconoclastic rocker’s 1970 jazz-rock instrumental Chunga’s Revenge. Not surprisingly, a few of these songs have a Zappaesque feel to them. But for the most part, it’s Krieger’s show — and he acquits himself admirably, crafting muscular, potent jazz-rock showcases for his blazing, stellar fretwork, which has come a long way from the jazzy Flamenco-tinged licks he used to unfurl on back in the day. He may not be a Mother, but the invention is unmistakable.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The legendary guitarist and songwriter of The Doors and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Robby Krieger releases his first solo album in 10 years, The Ritual Begins At Sundown. The Doors weren’t just one of the most iconic bands of their generation, but one of the most influential bands in rock history and Krieger was responsible for writing some of their biggest hits in Light My Fire, Love Me Two Times, Touch Me and Love Her Madly. Krieger returns for his ninth solo album and his first since 2010s Grammy-nominated Singularity, teaming once again with his longtime writing partner and co-producer Arthur Barrow, who worked with Zappa through the 1970s-’80s. The album also features other Zappa alumni: Jock Ellis (trombone), Sal Marquez (trumpet), Tommy Mars (keys) and Chad Wackerman (drums), as well as AeB Bryne (flute), Vince Denham (sax), Chuck Manning (sax) and Joel Taylor (drums).”