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Next Week in Music | Oct. 16-22 • The Long List: 500+ Releases On The Way

Yes, 500. And it's not even Record Store Day or Bandcamp Friday. Heaven help us all.

I am not kidding: There are more than 500 new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week. And it’s not even Record Store Day or Bandcamp Friday. Heaven help us all. Get busy perusing or get busy dying:



Abigail / Necrofilth | Fuck In Hell’s Evil Bitches
Mike Adams at His Honest Weight | Guess for Thrills
Tristan Allen | Tin Iso and the Dawn
Emma Anderson | Pearlies
Angelus Apatrida | Aftermath
APB | Cure For The Blues
Erlend Apneseth Trio with Maja Ratkje | Collage
Appalooza | The Shining Son
Arcane | Above and Beyond EP
Asagraum | Veil Of Death, Ruptured
Mehmet Aslan | Senza Decoro: Liebe + Anarchia / Switzerland 1980​-​1990
Atlas | Built to Last
Atom Made Earth | Song For A Dreamer
Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express | Complete Oblivion: The Oblivion Express
Awakebutstillinbed | Chaos Takes The Wheel And I Am A Passenger
Aysanabee | Here And Now EP
Azmari | Maelstr​ö​m
Babebee | A Prophecy
The Bablers | Thinking Of You Single
Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band | Stranger Things Theme b​/​w Halloween Theme
Bad Idols | Popstar
Tim Baker | Along The Mountain Road EP
Balming Tiger | January Never Dies
Stu Bangas | Death Wish Part II
James Barker Band | Ahead Of Our Time EP
Geoff Barone | Random Acts Of Awkward
Barry Can’t Swim | When Will We Land?
Kishi Bashi | Music from the Song Film: Omoiyari
Bat Boy | Fun Machine
James Bay | All My Broken Pieces
Maria BC | Spike Field
Bear’s Den | White Magnolias
Stephen Becker | Phosphenes & Allegories
Bedlocked / Teethe | All Over Again / Moon Split Single
Beharie | Are You There, Boy?
Kristin Berardi | Wilderness
Mare Berger | Dreaming Blue
Tom Berkmann | Journey
Bilby | From Deep Within!
Galya Bisengalieva | Polygon
Bjørn | Håbløs Romantiker
Blacklite District | Falling XL
Black To Comm | At Zeenath Parallel Heavens
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers | Mosaic Vinyl Reissue
Blink-182 | One More Time…
Blood Lightning | Blood Lightning
Bloodred Hourglass | How’s The Heart?
Bluecommand | Apofenia
Blues Traveler | Traveler’s Soul
Blurum13 & Inkswel | Mothership (ft. Lailah Reich & DJ SPS)
Bombay Bicycle Club | My Big Day
Bella Boo | DreamySpaceyBlue
Chris Botti | Vol. 1
David Bowie | Pin Ups Vinyl Reissue
Boys Like Girls | Sunday At Foxwoods
Braidyn | Addicts (Anonymous)
Daniele Brusaschetto | Bruise A Shadow
The Bug Club | Rare Birds: Hour of Song
Bex Burch | There Is Only Love And Fear
Alex Burger | Ça S’invente Pas
Busch Trio | Ravel & Shostakovich Piano Trios
Cactus Lee | Caravan
The Callous Daoboys | God Smiles Upon The Callous Daoboys
Dove Cameron | Lethal Woman
Carpool Tunnel | Don’t Let Them Pass You By
Daniel Casares | From A Cabin In The Woods
Catalyst (CH) | Double Sky
Catch Your Breath | Shame On Me
CBmusic | The Stages Of Heartbreak EP
Cher | Christmas
Maria Cherwick & Jockey Special | Murphy’s
Santa Chiara | Imported
Evian Christ | Revanchist
Chuu | Howl
Chvrches | The Bones of What You Believe 10th Anniversary Edition
Cinnamoon | October
Cirith Ungol | Dark Parade
Matt Citron | Guttural
City Girls | R.A.W.
Civic | New Vietnam & Singles
Clowns | Endless
CoH | Radiant Faults
Coldplay | A Head Full of Dreams Vinyl Reissue
Josh Cole | Kind Mind
Conway The Machine & Conductor Williams | Conductor Machine
Corefish | Kite
Cosmonection & Soren Lyann | Sunset Thoughts
Course | Tight Feathers
John Course | What Am I Gonna Do? (Rubber People Remix ft. Emily Williams)
Sylvie Courvoisier | Chimaera
Crime & The City Solution | The Killer
Crisis | 8 Convulsions 30th Anniversary Vinyl
Cronies | L1v3 S1ck0 L0v3 F3st
Chloe Dadd | Fuzzy Logic
Dam Swindle | Minor Fools EP
Meechy Darko | Doses
Darwells | Life EP
Yousef Dave | If Days Could Talk
Dead Times | Dead Times
Dear Sherlock | Object Of Ridicule
Death Posse | Midnight Society
Marta Del Grandi | Selva
Destroyyyyer | The DW Destroyer Collection, Vol. 1
Devo | | 50 Years Of De-Evolution (1973-2023)
Dirt Buyer | Dirt Buyer II
Dirty Sound Magnet | Dreaming In Dystopia
Display Of Decay | Vitriol
District 97 | Stay For The Ending
Dog Eat Dog | Free Radicals
Doro | Conqueress: Forever Strong And Proud
Doxas Brothers | Kindred
Dreamwell | In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You
Dusk | Glass Pastures
Dye Crap | Life Is Unfair
Bob Dylan | Mixing Up the Medicine: A Retrospective
Carla J. Easton | Sugar Honey
Tim Easton | Not Cool Reissue
Tim Easton | Special 20 Reissue
Ebony | Terapia
E’Last | Identification
Elcamino | No Thanks To You
Ana Frango Elétrico | Me Chama de Gato Que Eu Sou Sua
Élégie | Romantisme
Elegy of Madness | XI
Elmiene | Marking My Time EP
Emei | Scatterbrain
Emergency Group | Venal Twin
Brian Eno | The Ship Vinyl Reissue
Entierro | The Gates Of Hell
Eulipion Corps | Strange Familiar
Evitceles | Bruised
Exociety | Untitled
Faith & Harmony | I Heard The Voice
Fast Eddie | Shake A Tail Feather
Faulty Cognitions | Demo
Alexandra Feusi | Hello Sunday
FeverSleep | FeverSleep EP
Fine China | Eyes In The Water
Floating Points | Birth4000
Markus Floats | Fourth Album
Jonathan Floo & Namsfogden | Herre Gud Ka Heter Du?
Florentino | Kilometro Quinze EP
Geena Fontanella | Don’t Want a Normal Life Single
Vernon Football | Concorde (Vernon Trap Remix)
Forest Swords | Bolted
Mark Forster | Supervision
David Foster & Katharine McPhee | Christmas Songs
Fränder | II
Fugitives | No Help Coming
Ben Fuller | Ben Fuller
Funke & The Two Tone Baby | Acclimate
Future | DS2 Vinyl Reissue
Future | Pluto Vinyl Reissue
Future | Super Slimey Vinyl Reissue
Futuro Terror | Presente
Lee Gamble | Models
Miha Gantar | Amsterdam
Sally Gates, Trevor Dunn, and Greg Fox | Deliriant Modifier
genCAB | Signature Flaws
Kate Gentile | Find Letter X
Ghost Funk Orchestra | Brownout / Boneyard Baile
Ghosts Of Atlantis | Riddles Of The Sycophants
Gintsugi | The Elephant in the Room
Gldn | First Blood Deluxe Edition
Glen | I Can See No Evil
The Goa Express | The Goa Express
Go Ahead And Die | Unhealthy Mechanisms
Gold Dime | No More Blue Skies
Gold Lake | Weightless
Goo Goo Dolls | Live At The Academy, New York City, 1995
Nathan Graham | Saint Of Second Chances
Amy Grant | Lead Me On Live 1989
Steph Green | Lore
Griff | Vert1go Vol. 1
Asmik Grigorian, Matthias Goerne, Mikko Franck | Shostakovich Symphony No. 14
Luke Grimes | Pain Pills or Pews EP
Vince Guaraldi | A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 50th Anniversary Special Edition
Gustavoegatotv | Pudim
Haiyti | Junky
Ryan Hall | Postteenangst
Hanni / Rachind Baba Ahmed | Maghreb K7 Club: Disco Singles Volume 2
Glen Hansard | All That Was East Is West Of Me Now
Dave Harrington | The Pictures
Dhani Harrison | Innerstanding
Harvey Milk | Reckoning
Mark Hawkins | Let U Fall EP
Richard Hawley | Now Then: The Very Best of Richard Hawley
Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter | Saved!
Hauschka | Philanthropy
Heavy Feathers | The Unused And Unloved Vol. 1
Izzy Heltai | Mostly Myself Again EP
Benjamin Herman | Nostalgia Blitz
Luke Hess | These Streets
High Brian | Five, Six, Seven
Tim Hill | Shades of Green
Hippie Death Cult | Helichrysum
Hold My Own | In My Way
Honeycrush | Milk Teeth
Adam Hopkins | Crickets Reissue
Adam Hopkins | Grounded Single
Hot Machine | Hot Lizard
James Newton Howard | Night After Night: Music From The Movies of M. Night Shyamalan
HowWax | Invite Me, Kindly EP
I Can’t Cry | I Don’t Get It
Ice Nine Kills | Welcome To Horrorwood: Under Fire Deluxe Edition
Idles | Dancer
Imanu | Paradise
In A Forest Dark | Buried Giant Reissue
Infinity Song | Metamorphasis
Interstate Island | Brave New World
The Iron Roses | The Iron Roses
ISOxo | Kidsgonemad!
Ist Ist | Live in Amsterdam
Itzy | Ringo
Japan, Man | Metropolis
Jazzy | Constellations EP
Jeshi | The Great Stink
Judgitzu | Sator Arepo
Sun June | Bad Dream Jaguar
Emilie Kahn | Maybe
Connie Kaldor | Keep Going
Shred Kelly | Blurry Vision
The Kid Laroi | Too Much
King Mala | Bug
Shawnee Kish | Revolution EP
Sarah Klang | Mercedes
Jordan Klassen | Marginalia
Klein | Touched By An Angel
Grant Knoche | I Could Die Just Thinking Of Us
Knuckle Puck | Losing What We Love
Kraak | Hypnagogic Walks
Allegra Krieger | Fragile Plane: B​-​Sides
Dave Kuchler | Love + Glory
Lalu | The Fish Who Wanted To Be King
Last Birds | Endless Turn of Day Into Night
L’Aube | Corner Toute
Leatherman | Telephone / Tryin’ 2 4get
Dylan LeBlanc | Coyote
Dee C Lee | Don’t Forget About Love / ‘Be There In The Morning
Lewis | Growing Pains
Shay Lia | Facets
Brooke Ligertwood | Eight
Lil Chilly | The Crow
Lil Expo | Judd
Lil Toot | 52 Weken
Lilyisthatyou | Superstar Single
Lipsticism | Elapsed Kiss
Locust | The First Cause
Lost Girls | Selvutsletter
Nick Lowe | Quality Street: A Seasonal Selection 10th Anniversary Edition
Lowertown | Root Canal
Rob Luft | Dahab Days
Lync | These Are Not Fall Colors Deluxe Edition
Lynch Mob | Babylon
Adam Lytle | This Is The Fire
Yo-Yo Ma | J.S. Bach: 6 Suites For Unaccompanied Cello
Mad Painter | Splashed
Maiiah & the Angels of Libra | Maiiah & the Angels of Libra
Make Family Not Friends | Family Reunion
Malú | Diles
Gucci Mane | Breath of Fresh Air
Afarin Mansouri | Dancing with Love
Eve Maret | The Zone Vinyl
Hannah Marks | Outsider, Outlier
James Marriott | Don’t Blame Me Single
Marthe | Further In Evil
Ajay Mathur | Blow My Cover
Duff McKagan | Lighthouse
Francisco Mela & Jonathan Reisin | Earthquake
Me Rex | Giant Elk
Mermaid | Iridescence
The Midsummers | Sincerely Yours EP
Jake Minch | How Many
Mr Beatnick and Richard Greenan | Coasty
Mo’ Horizons | Mango
Mojo Men | There Goes My Mind
Monocot | Leave To Cool
Soema Montenegro | Circulo Radiante
John Michael Montgomery | Home To You / Brand New Me / Pictures / Letters From Home
Mila Moon | Clockwise
Ed Motta | Behind The Tea Chronicles
Moyka | Movies, Cars & Heartbreak
Los Mutagénicos | El Cuarto
Myriads | Win Some, Lose Everyone
Myrkur | Spine
Israel Nash | Ozarker
Ashley Naylor | Soundtracks Volume 2
Lucius Neal-Andrews | Entr’acte For New, Final Favour
Necrofier | Prophecies of Eternal Darkness
Willie Nelson | Spirit Vinyl Reissue
Andris Nelsons / Boston Symphony Orchestra | Dmitri Shostakovich: Symhonies Nos. 2, 3, 12 & 13
Neoni | Villain Single
New West | Based On A True Story
Night Lunch | Fire In The Rose Garden
Night Ranger | 40 Years and a Night with Contemporary Youth Orchestra
Jessye Norman | The Complete Studio Recitals
NSG | Area Boyz
Occult Hand Order | Silence By The Raging Sea
øjeRum | The Limited Circle Is Pure
Okay Lindon | Passion Pain
OK EG | Rivulets
Karyn Oliver | Cherchez La Femme
Carla Olson | Have Harmony, Will Travel 3
Omar & The Howlers | Magic Man
Pierre Omer’s Swing Revue | Tropical Breakdown
Oneda | Pussy Power EP
Ox33n | Click To Unlock
Oxymorrons | Melanin Punk
Ozric Tentacles | Lotus Unfolding
The Painters | The Painters
Sofiane Pamart | Noche
Panther Car | Lagrange
Ro Panuganti, Game Raga | SitarCraft
Parcels | Live Vol. 2
Patrice | 9
Pentatonix | The Greatest Christmas Hits
Cody Pepper | Chemical Oasis
Peripheral Vision | We’ve Got Nothing
Christina Perri | Songs For Pixie
Brendan Perry | Eye Of The Hunter Reissue
Brendan Perry | Live At The I.C.A.
Katy Perry | CATalog
Pert Near Sandstone | Waiting Days
Leo Pesci | Impolite
Pet Shop Boys | Relentless 30th Anniversary Edition
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers | Mojo Reissue
Liz Phair | Exile In Guyville 30th Anniversary Edition
Pink Navel & Kenny Segal | How to Capture Playful
Lucas Pino | Covers
Pip Blom | Bobbie
Rachel Podger | Goldberg Variations Reimagined
Poolside | Blame It All On Love
Promiseland | Sad But Happy
Radar Peak | Radar Peak
Billy Raffoul | For All These Years
Priya Ragu | Santhosam
Rakoon | The Ones We Love
Mason Ramsey | Fall Into Places EP
Rat Columns | Babydoll
Arin Ray | Phases II EP
RealestK | Real World
Reckless | Sharp Magik Steel
Red Rockers | Condition Red Reissue
Red Snapper | Live at The Moth Club
Eli Paperboy Reed | Hits and Misses: The Singles
Reg3n | Sinister
Jane Remover | Census Designated
Reol | Black Box
Martin Rev | The Sum of Our Wounds (Cassette Recordings 1973​-​85)
Rêve | Saturn Return
Ribozyme | Celestial Low
Rineharts | Full Bloom
Rival Sons | Lightbringer
Randy Lee Riviere | Blues Sky
Sam Roberts Band | The Adventures of Ben Blank
Peter Manning Robinson | Disturbances EP
The Rolling Stones | Hackney Diamonds
The Rolling Stones | Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2 UK Version) Vinyl Reissue
Ronia | String Along
Rubbabandz | Manslaughter Vol. 3
The Rubettes | The Singles 1974-1977
RuPaul | Essential Christmas
Saint Abdullah & Eomac | Chasing Stateless
Salamander | [Container]
Salt-N-Pepa | Very Necessary 30th Anniversary Edition
Sampha | Lahai
Santa Chiara | Imported
Joel Sarakula | Midnight Driver / I’m Still Winning
Sgt Slick & Super Disco Club | All My Love
Dave Sattout | Go Gentle
Savage | Glory Riders
Schiavoto | Paranormal Order: Quarentena Soundtrack
Jake Scott | Lavender
Screensaver | Decent Shapes
Seagulls | The Rapture and Resurgens
Searows | Funny
Selcouth Quartet | Selcouth Quartet
Semblant | Vermillion Eclipse
Sensitizer, Unusual Cosmic Process | The Source
Joseph Shabason | Welcome To Hell
Naomi Sharon | Obsidian
Matthew Sheens | Written In The Dark
Mike Sheridan | Subspace Single
Chris Shiflett | Lost At Sea
The Shindellas | Shindo
The Shins | Chutes Too Narrow 20th Anniversary Remaster
The Shivas | Alive in The World
Deez Shnutz | The Monkeyman
Silva | Forgotten Sanctuary
Silvertone Hills | Limits
Nancy Sinatra | Keep Walkin’: Singles, Demos & Rarities 1965-1978
Sisyphus Indiana | Albatross
Skanks The Rap Martyr & Supreme Da Almighty | Martyr Supreme
Skinny Lister | Shanty Punk
Skymender | If and Only
Sleaford Mods | More UK Grim EP
Slings | Traphouse
Slothrust | I Promise
The Smashing Times | This Sporting Life
J Smith | Baby Farm EP
Joan Smith and the Jane Does | Do Me Some Harm
John and David Sneider | Sneid Remarks
Snek | Snkwrld
Soft Cell | Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret Super Deluxe Edition
Soft Vein | Pressed In Glass
Il Sogno del Marinaio | A Tribute to Miles Cooper Seaton
Solemn Vision | Despite The Rise Of The Sun
Arielle Soucy | Il N’y A Rien Que Je Ne Suis Pas
Soul Mass Transit System | Only U EP
Soundkvlture | Ribs by Lorde Was My Suicide Song
The Spacelords | Nectar Of The Gods
Sparkle Divison | Foxy
Spearmint | This Candle Is For You
Vic Spencer & August Fanon | Psychological Cheat Sheet 4
Hallie Spoor | Heart Like Thunder
Colin Stough | Promiseland EP
Strabe | How Our Love Grows
Giulio Stermieri | Fort Da
Stickman | Cyanide Smile
Strange Joy | Power Pop EP
The Streets | The Darker The Shadow, The Brighter The Light
Sun June | Bad Dream Jaguar
Sunmi | Stranger
Super-City | In The Midnight Room
Valeska Surratt | Nameless
Survival Guide | Deathdreams
Sylvere | EP3
Tamra | Light Reading EP
Tandem Felix | There’s A New Sheriff In Town
Julian Taylor | Anthology Volume One
Teenage Halloween | Till You Return
Teichmann+Soehne | Flows
Temperance | Hermitage: Daruma’s Eyes Pt. 2
Tensei | ReARTiculations
Sarah Terral | Le Morfil
Terror | Live By The Code
Re Teu | The Author EP
The Three O’Clock | Sixteen Tambourines 40th Anniversary Edition
Thumpasaurus | Hard
The Time Experience Project | Who To Love
Lila Tirando a Violeta, Sin Maldita | Accela
Titanic | Vidrio
Tomb | Equinox
Trapani | El Nazareno
Triola | Scapegoat
Trounce | The Seven Crowns
Marianne Trudel | À Pas De Loup, Quiet Sounds For A Loud World
Marianne Trudel​ | Time Poem: La Joie De L’​é​ph​é​m​è​re (ft. Rémi-Jean Leblanc & John Hollenbeck)
Marianne Trudel & John Hollenbeck | D​é​dé Java Espiritu
Tuv | Scaredycat.zip
Twisted Wizard | Pretty Good Right Now
UFO | California At The Edge 1995
Taku Unami | Bot Box Boxes
Shaé Universe | LOML
L’Uomo Nero | Voda Alebo Oheň EP
Upsahl | Upsahl Presents: The PHX Tapes V4
Stephanie Urbina Jones & The Honky Tonk Mariachi | Manuel’s Destiny
Midge Ure | The Gift Deluxe Edition
Ursa Major Revelation | Big Baby EP
Valee x MVW | Veleedation
Various Artists | A Tribute To Ron Hynes
Various Artists | A Very Metal Christmas
Various Artists | Bosconi Stallions Vol​.​III
Various Artists | Duploc100 Fwd
Various Artists | Imaginational Anthem Vol. XII: I Thought I Told You – A Yorkshire Tribute to Michael Chapman
Various Artists | Let The Bad Times Roll: A Tribute To The Replacements
Various Artists | Next Wave Acid Punx Deux: Chapter 2
Various Artists | Produced by Tony Visconti
Various Artists | Stop What You’re Doing
Various Artists | Trolls Band Together Soundtrack
Venator | Paradiser… Extended
Venomous Echoes | Writhing Tomb Amongst the Stars
The Villaintinos | Come and Get It EP
Volkor X | The Loop
Katie von Schleicher | A Little Touch of Schleicher in the Night
Vorso | Holonomy
Moon Walker | Apocalypticism
War Curse | Confession
Anna Webber | Shimmer Wince
David Wertman | Kara Suite
Wesobad | Mono Duo Stereo
David M Western | On, On & On
Hannya White | I Call You Another Name
Whokilledxix | In Chains EP
Wild Arrows | Rejection Bloom EP
The Wildwood Family | Random Number
Xoe Wise | Wounds
Within Temptation | Bleed Out
Emily Wolfe | The Blowback
Bernie Worrell / Cindy Blackman Santana / John King | Spherical
Wratheon | Becoming Nil
Charli XCX | In The City
Girma Yifrashewa | My Strong Will
Ylroy | Three Flowers For My Beloved EP
Young Posse | Macaroni Cheese
Youth Brigade | Sound & Fury Reissue
Noda Yûki | Kyo Kaido
Yung Fili | Mesebeli Vár
Maddie Zahm | Now That I’ve Been Honest
Rebeka Rusjan Zajc I Prelude
Daria Zawiałow | Dziewczyna Pop