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Kele Okereke’s 2042 Tops Today’s Album Announcements

The Bloc Party frontman's latest solo album arrives Nov. 8.


Kele Okereke is ahead of his time — 23 years, to be exact. The Bloc Party frontman’s new album 2042 will arrive Nov. 8, according to a press release. I’ve been a Bloc Party fan since Silent Alarm came out in 2005; I saw them at SXSW that year and actually bumped into Okereke out and about, watching some other band whose name escapes me. I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing Kele a couple of times, and he’s always been good-humoured and forthright. All of which is a long way of saying I’m looking forward to 2042. If you are too, can get a taste of what lies ahead with the single and video Jungle Bunny above. Here’s what he had to say about the song in that press release: “There is a history of black entertainers feeling that after they have achieved a certain level of success that they are above discussions of race but that idea is a delusion. As a person of colour living in the western world, it does not matter how much wealth one accumulates, race will follow you wherever you go. With Jungle Bunny I wanted explore this idea: In a time of such rampant division and public racism, what is the responsibility of the black entertainer?”

As always, Okereke’s album is just one of many announced over the past day or two. Scroll down to scope the long list of new additions — including reissues from Mötley Crüe and R.E.M., who shared a new mix of What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? from their Monster reissue below — and then bounce over to the Upcoming Releases page for the entire fall slate.

September 13

Hailey Whitters | The Days

September 20

Alaskan Tapes | Views From Sixteen Stories
Tim Carman & The Street 45s | Tim Carman & The Street 45s
Monster Rally | Adventures on the Floating Island

September 27

Academy Killer | Lost in Make Believe EP
Harlequin Gold | Baby Blue EP
M:40 | Arvsynd
J. Pavone String Ensemble | Brick and Mortar
30,000 Monkies | Are Forever
MC Yallah X Debmaster | Kubali

October 4

Deaf Club | Contemporary Sickness EP
Remo Drive | Natural, Everyday Extended Play

October 11

Bonnie Baxter | Axis
Boy Harsher | Country Girl Uncut
Jaimie Branch | Fly or Die II: Bird Dogs of Paradise
Cycles of the Damned | A Time to Survive
Stone Broken | All in Time

October 18

John Carpenter | Halloween: Expanded Edition Score
Patrick Watson | Wave


October 25

William Doyle | Your Wilderness Revisited
Electric Jaguar Baby | Electric Jaguar Baby
Fink | Blood Innocent
Jackson 5 | Greatest Hits Quad Mix Vinyl
Pita | Get On

November 1

Marillion | Afraid of Sunlight Deluxe Edition
Output 1:1:1 | Retroactive Rock Record EP
R.E.M. | Monster 25th Anniversary
Uncle Walt’s Band | An American in Texas Reissue

November 8

The Dark Element | Songs the Night Sings
Kele Okereke | 2042
Rrose | Hymn to Moisture
Soundwalk Collective With Patti Smith | Mummer Love
Suss | High Line
Various Artists | Motown in Mono Vinyl Series
Wiley | Full Circle

November 15

Oliver Spalding | Novemberism

November 22

Lisa Nordström | Volume

November 29

Mötley Crüe | Dr. Feelgood 30th Anniversary Edition
Snake on the Beach | Shiosai

January 17

Bombay Bicycle Club | Everything Else Has Gone Wrong