The Grindhouse | Dyecrest, Cabrakaän, As The Palaces Burn & More New Loudness

It’s been a long time since I rock ’n’ rolled. Well, OK, it’s only been a few days. But now that I’m back from my vacation, it’s time to play catchup. Here are all the newest singles and videos from the heavy side of the tracks. Get out your air guitar and play along:


Dyecrest | Read My Mind

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Powerful melodic Finnish metallers Dyecrest (featuring members of Metal de Facto, Thy Row, Everfrost and Kiowan Dynamo) are celebrate the release of their new album Once I Had A Heart with a video for the track Read My Mind. “Probably the oldest track on the album, this one was co-written by Kimmo Blom,” say the band. “Very straight-to-the-point, striking, and catchy song! Combination of heavy, pulsating verse and the adherent, sing-along chorus. Its story is about a situation where a person realizes / understands that the relationship with someone else has reached the point of no return.”

Cabrakaän | Fuego

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Originally from Mexico, metallers Cabrakaän now call Calgary home. In their signature sound, they take folklore from their homeland and wrap it up into a heavy and intriguing package that will catch the ears of metalheads everywhere. This year they are releasing an album Aztlán, a thematic album centered on the Spanish conquest, colonization and the defeat of Mexico’s Aztec empire. The second single off this album is Fuego, a story about premonitions and nightmares that were experienced by Aztec people about the Spanish conquest. The band explain: “It is based on the first bad omen of seven that happened in the decade before the Spaniards’ arrival in 1521. In this omen, there was a fire that burned in the sky every night for a year, shaped in a way that made the sky look like it was bleeding. Musically, it is hard-hitting, melancholic, dark, and energetic all at once.”

Massive Scar Era | Between Waves (with an Egyptian Arabic Orchestra)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Massive Scar Era, the brainchild of visionary artist Cherine Amr, are proud to announce the release of their EP Metal Goes Egyptian in November. Known for pushing the boundaries of music and blending genres, Massive Scar Era are set to captivate audiences once again with its unique fusion of progressive rock, post-grunge, Egyptian music, and metal. “Between The Waves was the first song that we worked on,” they say. “It’s one of the oldest songs for MSE that wasn’t released digitally. In this song’s intro, a heavy riff is playing in the background, consisting of just two notes.”

King Ov Wyrms | In Aeons We Spoke

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Arizona’s King Ov Wyrms have released their album The Womb Ov Borealis. It has been in production for almost three years and began with Oneirous conjuring the material, which then underwent an almost-complete overhaul once Ricky Williams came into the mix. “This album is almost like the first ‘real’ King album Lord Of Thornes, which was really just me finding an outlet to worship the metal I grew up with,” says Oneirous. “This album will definitely open us up to a whole new fan base and I feel our original fans will be even more happy to hear what we have developed over the years and what they will surely see more of in the future.”

Sinnery | An Ode (Knife of Erato)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Israel’s Sinnery are about to burn up the thrash-metal scene with their new EP Below the Summit. It picks up where 2022’s Black Bile left off, continuing their self-actualization journey through searing guitar work, pummeling basslines and vocals that cut through like a razor. Below the Summit is a very fast-paced piece of music with a lot happening all at once. It’s a journey further into the minds of Sinnery; the music and lyrics are a barrage of exactly what they feel in the most authentic and exaggerated way pummeling the listener with a wall of intensity. It is a very human experience that has been etched into this recording, detailing the strange times we are currently living through. “BTS is a moment in time when we didn’t know exactly how things would turn out for us,” the band say. “We were isolated in our homes when we began writing this, sharing ideas from afar. It was a special experience for us to write this record like this and we feel like we really put that into it.”

Noprophecy | Ghost Of Yesterday

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Established in 2013 by Alveria Sykes, Singapore’s Noprophecy have emerged as a formidable force in modern metal. The band’s inception was fueled by a collective passion for music and a desire to unite their abilities. Describing their sound in five words — aggressive, melodic, intense, groovy and dynamic — Noprophecy have consistently pushed boundaries, showcasing their signature blend of fierce intensity and melodic artistry. In anticipation of their upcoming album As The Bridge Collapses (out Nov. 24), Noprophecy launch a new single. Ghost Of Yesterday embraces an unorthodox intro leading into a catchy, pop-infused chorus, presenting a commercial appeal designed for easy singalongs. The track maintains a steady pace, contributing to the album’s overall momentum. While it holds its unique meaning, Ghost Of Yesterday encourages diverse interpretations.”

Last In Time | The Way To Rock

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Italy’s Last In Time have announced their debut album Too Late. The band represent a fresh foray into melodic progressive and classic rock, with strong AOR influences to create a one-of-a-kind and captivating musical experience. Too Late is a journey, bringing together various musical influences and smoothly combining the melodious elements of AOR inspired by bands like Toto, Survivor and Giant, the power of hard rock and metal, and a nod to ’90s progressive rock. Today they share their debut single The Way To Rock, which Massimo Marchetti explains in further detail: “In the lyrics of this song, I basically tell the story of what drove me to play music and what emotions led me on my musical journey. When I was a guitar teacher, I was struck by an image. My students who were preparing for a concert had incredible enthusiasm. They reminded me of what inspired me to play and what music meant to me. They unknowingly inspired me to write this song.”

As The Palaces Burn | Lord Underrated

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Brazil’s As The Palaces Burn have carved a distinctive niche with their balanced fusion of aggression and technical finesse. Drawing from a diverse spectrum of influences encompassing traditional heavy metal, thrash and nuanced hints of progressive and modern metal, the band’s sonic identity is as diverse as it is powerful. Dur to release their new album Drowning Into Shadows on Oct. 31, the quartet unveil their latest single Lord Underrated. “Set to a thundering symphony, the lyrics paint a portrait of an unyielding journey, a battle against the shadows, and a rise to claim a kingdom of one’s own,” they say. “With every verse, the melody weaves an epic saga, beckoning you to dive into the raw power of metal and experience the triumphant crescendo of Lord Underrated. Let the electrifying riffs and soaring vocals captivate your senses, as you join this sonic odyssey that echoes with the essence of unexplored might and unshackled dreams.”

Deorbit | Stratolith

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Milwaukee’s Deorbit are an innovative musical project coming from longtime friends James Becker (bass, cello), Jerry Hauppa (guitar, hammered dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy, synth, violin) and Antonio Ninham (drums). They will release their debut instrumental album Retrogradient on Nov. 10. It will have listeners careening through time, the Earth, and an enigmatic soundscape of progressive and heavy riffs. The first look at this mind-expanding album is the single Stratolith, which the band describe as “a surreal imagining of the vastness of the sky being replaced with the boundaries of stone.” Each track on Retrogradient is an artistic depiction of surreal aspects, aiming to merge the cold, expansive nature of the universe with the warmth of human understanding. With no lyrics, Deorbit’s music tells a unique story within each composition, allowing listeners the freedom to interpret the profound concepts presented.”

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