PilGrims In ProGress Climb Telegraph Hill

The German progressive art rock outfit features five members from four countries.

PilGrims In ProGress transport you on a journey up Telegraph Hill on their latest single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Based in Bonn, Germany, PilGrims in ProGress are a prog / art-rock group dedicated to discovering new sounds and musical possibilities — while searching for unique melodies to craft intricately designed songs. All of that is on display in Telegraph Hill — an example of what can happen when five guys from four countries bring their talents and minds together with a common purpose.

The tune has guitar tones that carry the listener through the song, while the singer brings them to the very top of Telegraph Hill. The pulsing drums and keyboard hums ride tightly along with the drone of the bass guitar, creating a fog of wonder for the road ahead, while the vocals drive it all forward, like a bright lantern at night.

Founded in 2013 by guitarist Henning Reyers and bassist Dugald Sturges, PilGrims in ProGress also includes Guy Manderscheid on drums, André Straschewski on keyboards and guitarist Luís Pires. The members hail from four countries — Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and America — spread across two continents, and they have successfully brought their sound to these places and more.

Visit Telegraph Hill above, hear more from PilGrims In ProGress below, and find them on their website and Facebook.


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