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Brandon Isaak Comes One Step Closer

The Yukon bluesman transports you to the French Quarter & beyond on his new LP.

Brandon Isaak takes you One Step Closer to the blues on his new album — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Throughout the album, Isaak explores classic iterations of the blues with the occasional modern twist. The record flirts with a vintage, New Orleans sound and incorporates an array of old-time instruments, from fiddle and banjo to washboard and lap steel. Through his collaborations with masterful veteran musicians like David Vest, Al Pease, Darryl Havers and others, Isaak creates a rich, timeless culmination of sounds, styles, and themes with the power to transport the listener to the French Quarter and beyond.

“It was such an honour to work with these veteran master musicians and I could not be more happy with the final outcome of the recording,” Isaak said.

The first single from the album, House Bound Blues, highlights Isaak’s skillful songwriting and intentionally crafted lyrics:

Photo by Christian Kuntz.

“Take it easy, we’ll see this through
Everybody talkin’ bout the dyin’ flu
Don’t you worry, we’ll be fine
Dim the lights, and open up the wine.”

The album’s themes and lyrics range from lost love and positive thinking to spirituals and, of course, down-and-out blues tracks. “I always try to write from the heart, no matter if I’m writing about hard times, funny situations or singing about the spirit,” said Isaak.

The Yukon-born artist is known for his preeminent songwriting skills and his mastery of multiple instruments, from guitar to banjo to harmonica and more. The new record pulls these elements together into an authentic, emotional journey bolstered by raw musical talent and an expert command of the blues.

Watch House Bound Blues above, listen to One Step Closer below, and get in step with Brandon Isaak on his website, Facebook and Instagram.


Photo by Christian Kuntz.
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