Tinnitist TV | Episode 105: Jeshua Marshall

The singer-songwriter talks cults, holy handles, reunion tours and plenty more.

Jeshua Marshall has been born again. Musically speaking.

On his sophomore solo album The Flood, the singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and former member of Larry And His Flask continues to expand his sonic and stylistic horizons, moving beyond the rebellious folk-punk of his youth and diving headfirst into warm, jammy waters rippled with reggae, ska, dub, jazz, R&B, soul and more. Coming from a guy who grew up in a musical family in the Pacific Northwest, it certainly tracks — until you learn that he was raised in what many call a religious doomsday cult, and lived a strict, sheltered lifestyle until he and his older brother (and future bandmate) Jamin discovered the Internet, punk and the Columbia Record Club. Shortly before The Flood arrived, Marshall got on Zoom from his longtime home in Bend to discuss being named after Jesus, writing a song a day, reuniting with his bro for a new tour and plenty more.


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