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Next Week in Music | April 19-25 • The Long List: 380+ Releases On The Way

All the music headed for your playlist in the coming days. And then some.

Today’s long list is brought to you by the words black, white, blood, soul, gang, stone, midnight and everything. Emphasis on everything. See for yourself:



Acid Mass | Animals Appearing out of Every Rock
Ade | Midnight Pizza
Aersol Jesus | Survive
Arooj Aftab | Vulture Prince
Aili x Transistorcake | Pari Pari / Oki EP
Akiavel | Væ Victis
Alemán | Humo En La Trampa 3
The Allergies | Lean on You (feat. Dynamite MC)
Annihilus | MMXIX
Altarage | Succumb
The Antikaroshi | Extract.Transform.Debase.
Apink | Thank you
Arogya | Genesis
Raven Artson | Peak In Me EP
Bad Astronaut | Universe Vinyl Box Set
Atlas of Elysian | Through The Threads of Reality
Rich Aucoin | United States Deluxe Edition
Bad Brains | Bad Brains Vinyl Reissue
Bahla | Life Long EP
Bare Wire Son | Off Black
Batholith | Alpine Tomb
Nick Batterham | Lovebirds
Nelson Beer | Orlando EP
Benthos | II
The Berries | Throne of Ivory (Singles & B-Sides)
Big | Brave | Vital
Birthday Ass | Head of the Household
Black Brunswicker | Temple of Spring
Black Fly | Black Fly 01
The Black Mysteries | And The Opening Of Shadowy Sepulchre That Yawns Behind It
Black Orchid Empire | Live In The Studio EP
Black Wail | Born On Fire EP
Aleister Blake | Cyber Fame, Real Pain
Blood Lemon | Blood Lemon
Bodom After Midnight | Paint The Sky With Blood
Body Void | Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth
Bone Cutter | Bone Cutter
Bongzilla | Amerijuanican Reissue
Bongzilla | Apogee Reissue
Bongzilla | Gateway Reissue
Bongzilla | Methods for Attaining Extreme Attitudes Reissue
Bongzilla | Stash Reissue
Bongzilla | Weedsconsin
Bongzilla / Tons | Doom Sessions Vol. 4
Broilers | Puro Amor
Mark Bryan | Midlife Priceless
The Busy Twist | Nanko
Cabaret Voltaire | BN9Drone
Ethel Cain | Inbred EP
California Music | California Music Presents Add Some Music
Candires | Bullshit (LSD Edition)
Capra | In Transmission
Charlotte Cardin | Phoenix
The Jeff Carlson Band | Yesterday’s Gone
Carobae | The Longest Year: Part Two
Catch Prichard | I Still Miss Theresa Benoit
Jay Chakravorty | A Map With No Memory
Chapel | Room Service EP
Chicane | Everything We Had To Leave Behind
Rachel Chinouriri | Four° In Winter
Chitra | Chitra EP Vinyl Release
Eric Church | &
Eric Church | Soul
Chvrches | He Said She Said
Ciccada | Harvest
The Circle | Metamorphosis
Citizen Cope | The Pull of Niagara Falls
Clan Destine Click | Thee Alpha And Thee Omega IV
Gilby Clarke | The Gospel Truth
Coach Party | After Party EP
Code Quartet | Genealogy
Communions | Pure Fabrication
Conclave | Dawn Of Days
Confidence & Beneficence | Stellar Mind
Ben Cosgrove | The Trouble With Wilderness
Cream | Goodbye Tour: Live At The Forum Vinyl Reissue
Steve Cropper | Fire It Up
Crypts of Despair | All Light Swallowed
The Cush | Riders In The Stardust Gold
Dām-Funk | Architecture III
Dans Dans | Zink
David & Miguel | Palavras Cruzadas
Day6 | The Book Of Us
Death Chamber | Experiments in Warfare
Art d’Ecco | In Standard Definition
D3f3ktve | D3f3ktve
Degiheugi | Foreglow
DeGreaser | Astrology 101
De Lux | Uneven EP
De Press | Body Manifest Reissue
Derev | Leap of Faith
Desertion Trio | Numbers Maker [HD 24​/​96]
Desolate Realm | Desolate Realm
Devilz By Definition | The Bitter Remains of Human EP
Toumani Diabaté & the London Symphony Orchestra | Kôrôlén
DijahSB | Head Above the Waters
Dinosaur Jr | Sweep It Into Space
Dirty Honey | Dirty Honey
Distant Edge | Redlight
Ditchbird | Real Enough for You Now
Djinn | Transmission
Djoko | Ventura EP
Dr. Hook | Pleasure & Pain / Sometimes You
Dörner / Lea / Lyregaard | Huckleberry Friend
Dotaki + P-Tree | P​-​Raps
Luca Draccar | Soul Grabber EP
Dranconian | Under a Godless Veil Vinyl Release
Dreamer Boy | All The Ways We Are Together
Drift Into Black | Patterns of Light
Duki | Desde el Fin del Mundo
Dumpstaphunk | Where Do We Go From Here
Elliphant | Rocking Horse
The Emerald Isle | The Emerald Isle
Enjoyable Music | Unnesessary II
Los Esplifs | Estraik Back
Extinguish | Extinguish
Eydís Evensen | Bylur
Farron | Venice Pavilion
La Fe | Rico! EP
Emmit Fenn | Far From Here
Field Music | Flat White Moon
Files J | Midnight Sirens
The Kevin Fingier Collective | September / I Love Without A Love
The Flaming Sideburns | Silver Flames
Fog Lake | Tragedy Reel
Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band | Rare Dreams: Solar Live 2.27.18
The Forty Nineteens | New Roaring Twenties
Peter Frampton | Frampton Forgets The Words
From Sorrow To Serenity | Trifecta
Rob Frye | Exoplanet
Fury in the Slaughterhouse | Now
Gallegos | Sentiment Of Love
Gang of Four | Entertainment! Reissue
Gang of Four | Solid Gold Reissue
Carla Geneve | Learn To Like It
Sam Genovese | Skymyth
E. Jason Gibbs / Nat Baldwin | Microstates
Glimmers | Worlds Apart EP
Simon Goff | Vale
Danny Golden | Changes EP
Yann Gourdon | 13​.​03​.​2020
Graywave | Planetary Shift EP
The Growth Eternal | Kensho ! EP
PJ Harding And Noah Cyrus | People Don’t Change EP
Harker | Axiom
Hello Satellites | There’s a Field
Hideous Divinity | LV-426 EP
Holo | Atlas EP
‌hololive Idol Project | Bouquet
Dempsey Hope | i&u
Yasuyuki Horigome | Fruitful
House By The Cemetary | Rise Of The Rotten
Charlie Houston | I Hate Spring EP
Howling Giant | Alteration EP
Hushpuppy | Singles Club (Remastered)
Idek. | The Trek Single
Idoipe | Cierzo Lento
I Hate That I Miss You | Sleeping Awake
Ill-Sugi & Tajima Hal | Illmahal
The Immediate Family | Can’t Stop Progress
International Music | Ententraum
Islet | Through The Eyelet
Insomnium | The Shadows Stream
IZ(아이즈) | StorIZ:Blossom
Hannah Jadagu | What Is Going On?
Jad & The | Space Swingerz EP
JayWood | Some Days EP
Reid Jenkins | A Beautiful Start EP
Jensen Interceptor | Enter The Chromedome
Barði Jóhannsson | Agony Soundtrack
Racquel Jones | IgnoRANT
Tom Jones | Surrounded By Time
Topaz Jones | Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma
JPN | Universe
Yan Jun & Noel Meek | Mirror One
Jupiter & Okwess | Na Kazonga
E.R. Jurken | I Stand Corrected
Kaleo | Surface Sounds
Tristan Kasten-Krause | Potential Landscapes
Kero Kero Bonito | Civilisation II EP
Khalab & M’berra Ensemble | M’berra
Kooley High | Lazy Sunday
Trace Kotik | Everything Has Been Done By Now, So Now, Everything Is Possible…
Herrmann Kristoffersen | Gone Gold
Ksetdex | Evasion Tactics
Kukikodan | Boku To Kimi No Kikyuu
Lady Dan | I Am the Prophet
Danny Scott Lane | Caput
Yusef Lateef | Eastern Sounds Vinyl Reissue
Laurence-Anne | Musivision
Tracy Lawrence | Hindsight 2020 – Vol 1: Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell
Laura Lefebvre | La Terre Est Plate
The Lemons | WLMN
Erik Levander | Jökel
Life Without Buildings | Any Other City
Lil Gotit | Burnt N Turnt
Lilith Czar | Created From Filth and Dust
Lisa Li-Lund | Glass Of Blood
Locked In | The Solemn Leap EP
Lola Demo Stone
Lord Apex | Smoke Sessions Vol. 3
Lowell | Bloodthirsty Soundtrack EP
Maria Teresa Luciani | Situazioni del Terzo Mondo
Lucid Den | Ice Storm X
Macabre Demise / Sucking Leech | Observation / Damned to… Split
Mad Daddy | Mad Daddy
Maks The Fox | That We Exist
Nicholas Maloney | Stilling
Peter Manos | Do You Turn Red? (Reimagined) EP
Manyana | NTM
The March Divide | Cinq
The Marigold | Apostate
Flynn Marks | Cold Comfort EP
The Mars Volta | Landscape Tantrums
The Mars Volta | La Realidad De Los Sueños Box Set
Randy McAllister | Paperbag Salvation
Ewan McVicar | Amnocairn EP
Miasma Theory | Miasma Theory
Nicole Millar | Are You Kidding?
Simon Minó | Alma/Flora
Missio | Skeletons: Part 3 EP
Alfa Mist | Bring Backs
Mister Misery | >>A Brighter Side Of Death<<
Tashaki Miyaki | Castaway
Modeselektor | Mean Friend
Moe x Zaytoven | Motoven
Moneybagg Yo | A Gangsta’s Pain
Monobody | Comma
The Mono LPs | Shuffle​/​Play
Moon Vs Sun | I’m Going To Break Your Heart
Justin Moore | Straight Outta The Country
Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy & Randy George – Cover 2 Cover Reissue
Mother Nature | SZNZ
Mother Of All | Age Of The Solipsist
Motörhead | Louder Than Noise… Live in Berlin
Taichi Mukai | Colorless
Mitch Murder | Then Again
Róisín Murphy | Crooked Machine
Kayuza Nagaya | Dream Interpretation
The Nagging Doubts | Autocalm EP
Naked Flames | 247 365
Nattymari | Gimmie Sum
Neptunian Maximalism | Solar Drone Ceremony
Nice Breeze | Magician’s Rabbit
The Night Café | For Better Days EP
Nightfyre | Shattered Lands EP
19&You | 19&You EP
Noeta | Elm
Non Serviam | Le Coeur Bat (The Heart Beats)
Nordgeist | Frostwinter
Nu’Est | Romanticize
Ian Nyquist | Endless, Shapeless
Old Forest | Mournfall
Omega | Nebra
The One, The Three & The Many | The Reply
Ki Oni | Stay Indoors And Swim
Only Violets & Santiago Leyba | Only Violets & Santiago Leyba
Osees | Levitation Sessions II
Pærish | Fixed It All
Paisaunt | Primitiue Blak Metal
The Pale White | Infinite Pleasure
Paper Citizen | Scratching the Surface
Para One | Alpes EP
Paraphilia | Primordium of Sinister Butchery EP
Polly Paulusma | Invisible Music: Folk Songs That Influenced Angela Carter
Paysage d’Hiver | Geister
Vinnie Paz | Burn Everything That Bares Your Name
Bruno Pernadas | Private Reasons
Vanessa Peters | Modern Age
Jay Leo Phillips | Days
The Phoenix Foundation | Life Boat EP
Phoneboy | Phoneboy
Plague Of The Fallen | Bleeding and Vehement
Eva Popov | There’s A Field
André Previn | The Warner Edition: Complete HMV & Teldec Recordings
Proper Nouns | Feel Free
Erin Propp & Larry Roy | We Want All The Same Things
Quelle Rox | Lilac Rush EP
Cesar Quinn | Opal
Raccoon City | Nightlife Reissue
Radial Gaze | Refined EP
Rag’n’Bone Man | Life By Misadventure
Raise A Sulien | Exist
Rari | The Arch (Part One) EP
Rata Negra | Una Vida Vulgar
Red Snapper | B Planet
Remember Sports | Like a Stone
Rezz & Deadmau5 | Hypnocurrency
Ring Van Möbius | Past The Evening Sun
Risqué III | Essence Of A Dream / Risqué Madness
Porter Robinson | Nurture
The Rose Petals | American Grenadine
The Chris Ruben Band | Madness on Repeat
Rudimentary Peni | Great War
Sacred Shrines | Enter the Woods
Sad Man | The Man From S.A.D.
Evie Sands | Get Out of Your Own Way
Michael Sarian & Matthew Putman | A Lifeboat (Part I)
Sarnadas | The Humm
Satomimagae | Hanazono
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk | Eight Fragments Of An Illusion
Eric Schroeder | The Kid
Secret of Elements | Chronos
Sex Gang Children | Oligarch
Joseph Shabason | The Fellowship
Ruba Shamshoum | Risha
Silent | Modern Hate
Silverware | No Plans
Sindy | Horror Head
Sir Sly | The Rise & Fall Of Loverboy
Todd Snider | First Agnostic Church of Hope and Wonder
Snoop Dogg | From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites
Sonic Boom | Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough
Soul Clap | WTF (World Transformation Force)
Sour Widows | Crossing Over EP
Spectral Lore | Ετερόφωτος
Spiritualized | Lazer Guided Melodies Vinyl Reissue
John Splithoff | All In
Maxwell Sterling | Turn of Phrase
Sufjan Stevens | Revelation II
Stone Cavalli | Social Kaos
Struggling Harsh Immortals | 4 死 Death
Ayuune Sule | Puto Katare Yire
Summer Sleeves | In The Throes Of Woes
Swallowtail | Circumventer
Talk Me Off | Abyss EP
Balkan Taksim | Žali Zare
Lissy Taylor | Quiet Rage
TDA | Ascète
Rita Tekeyan | Green Line
Miguel Gil Tertre | Maran Atha EP
.38 Special | Strength In Numbers / Rock & Roll Strategy
Thulcandra | Ascension Lost Reissue
Thulcandra | Fallen Angel’s Domion Reissue
Thulcandra | Under a Frozen Sun Reissue
Tilian | Factory Reset
Timid Kooky | Baby Be My Spiderman
Tombstones In Their Eyes | Looking For A Light
Myke Towers | Lyke Myke
Tritonal | Reverence
Trust Gang and Black Soprano Family | Trust the Sopranos
Twiztid | Electric Lettuce
Justine Tyrell | While You Were Sleeping EP
Reinhard Vanbergen | Geometric Shapes (A Special Radio~TV Record N°19)
Various Artists | Brown Acid: The Twelfth Trip
Various Artists | Continental Drift
Various Artists | Duploc: 140 Allstars Vol. 1
Various Artists | Hexagonal Club Vol. 2
Various Artists | Mémoires d’Éléphant #03
Various Artists | One Night Collective: 1NR001
Various Artists | Riding the Rock Machine: British Seventies Classic Rock
Various Artists | Rocksteady Got Soul
Various Artists | Stills 01
Various Artists | The New Stravinsky Complete Edition
vbnd | Scum Funk
Alan Vega | Mutator
The Venomous Pinks | Based On A True Story EP
Vexillum | When Good Men Go To War
Victory Over The Sun | Nowherer
Vinyl Arch Rodeo | Herodotus
Andrea Viscardi | Phono EP
Vittra | Wardens EP
Void Vator | Great Fear Rising
Walking Bombs | Tears We Should Have Shed
WarCall | Dead End Pt. 1 EP
PM Warson | True Story
Wasuremono | Let’s Talk Pt. 1
Eli West | Tapered Point of Stone
Jennifer Wharton’s Bonegasm | Not a Novelty
WheelUp | Good Love
When Waves Collide | Chasm
Scott Shane White | Call It Even
The Who | The Who Sell Out Super Deluxe Edition
Wild Powwers | What You Wanted
Wilfy D | Time Is Now White Vol​.​ 3
Immanuel Wilkins | Omega Vinyl Release
Dan Wilson | Vessels Of Wood And Earth
Winterblood | Finsternis
Witch Hunt | Rock ’n’ Roll Possession
Wolf Alice | Smile
Yelawolf | Mile Zero
Yellow Ostrich | Soft
Yosh | Tactics EP
Your Academy | Your Academy