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leo. Learns To Love A New One

The young singer-songwriter returns with his most ambitious & personal offering.

leo. unbreaks his heart on his sophomore album A New One — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The young singer-songwriter’s most ambitious and strongest project to date, A New One spotlights his bittersweet, understanding sound. Chronicling a year of the artist’s life and giving us an insight into the depths of his emotions and thoughts as he grows as a person, the album encapsulates relatable concepts that we all struggle with as we develop.

A New One feels more like a piece of my soul than anything I’ve done,” leo. says. “I wrote these songs over the course of a year and they detail the process of learning to love again as I was going through it — ultimately in a healthier way, but not without its setbacks. More than that, I can see my growth as a person over the last year in these songs.

“After writing all 10, and using some material I had written way back, I took them to Ed Allen around this time last September. After months of recording, re-recording, arranging, trying new things out, trying old things out, crying, screaming, etc., we finally finished my most ambitious project so far — and I’m really proud of it. I’ve always loved the idea of telling stories with my music, and with these tracks, videos, artwork, and lovely interactions with my audience, I can tell a story that’s important to me, and might be important to a lot of other people too.”

Instrumentally, A New One is a work of gorgeous layering, utilizing flowing strings, warm acoustic and electric pianos and jolly ukulele, all wrapped up in bittersweet beauty. The star of the show, of course, is leo.’s vocal performance, with his angelic leads and expansive harmonies taking on a choir-like vibe, creating a sense of presence, charm and blissful naivety.

leo. is a young singer-songwriter from Portugal who lives in the U.K. He draws from a variety of musical styles to create a heartfelt interpretation of life, encasing it in a safe space where listeners feel understood. leo. emerged from rigorous classical training to record his first single in 2018.

In 2019, his single Despair laid the foundations of his sound with its nostalgic harmonies and lush instrumentation inspired by artists like Dodie, Cavetown and Ricky Montgomery. Following the release of Drink My Soul in 2021 and Letters From Dreamland in 2022, leo. teamed up with indie label ADSRecords.

Check out A New One below and find leo. on his website, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook.