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Claudia Fenoglio Wonders: What if I’m Here Forever?

The British singer-songwriter introduces herself and her sound on her debut EP.

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Claudia Fenoglio doesn’t overstay her welcome with her new debut EP What if I’m Here Forever? — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Featuring three previously releaseed singles and one new track, the short-and-sweet 14-minute EP is a vibrant and immersive musical offering that fully introduces you to her sincere, homespun signature sound — a blend of angelic vocals and relatable lyricism.

“The songs on this record all came about in the same way; sitting on my bed with my acoustic guitar, mumbling melodies into my phone,” Fenoglio says. “After figuring out the melodic foundations of each song, I would spend hours envisioning how I wanted them to sound in my head and compiling playlists of inspirations.

“I would then become attached to certain words and moments in my head that I wanted to write about, and I’d begin to write out the lyrics and tell a story. I was half influenced by my own life experiences, including past and present relationships, nostalgia and queer love, and also the relationships and characters off of television shows that I love. Alaska was written about the tumultuous relationship between Villanelle and Eve from Killing Eve.

“After sending some extremely rough demos of each song to my friend and producer Tim Malkin (Talkboy and Fizzy Blood), we’d enter The Green Room Studio fully caffeinated and ready to record. For each song, we would track drums first which was a new experience for me, mainly because it was vital that we could be blessed with Sam Newham’s extraordinary talent, to get the creative juices flowing.

“Between recording a vast number of vocal takes (due to being a perfectionist) and spewing rogue descriptive words at Tim of how I would like each particular guitar note to sound, we created four songs that I am immensely proud of and reflect wholeheartedly the life of a 25-year-old girl who is still trying to figure everything out.”

Hailing from Cheshire and now residing in Leeds, Fenoglio has been received warmly by fans and tastemakers alike. Her musical journey started after visiting family in Nashville, where she fell in love with acoustic music and was inspired her to learn guitar. Lyrically and musically she looks to Taylor Swift, Julia Jacklin and Phoebe Bridgers for inspiration.

Listen to What If I’m Here Forever? below, and follow Claudia Fenoglio on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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