MDMP Proclaims: I Can’t Hold You Closer

The hard-rocking Hawaiian collective ride romance's troubled waters in their latest.

MDMP grapple with an all-consuming relationship in their latest collaborative single I Can’t Hold You Closer (ft. Dayshell) — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The new offering from hard-hitting Hawaiian singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Jeremey Meyer and his international musical collective fuses hyper-pop, alt-rock and pop-punk in a three-and-a-half-minute ride through the dark, tempestuous waters of rocky romance. I Can’t Hold You Closer opens with rainfall and a female vocalist imploring, “Baby, you know I love you. I just was wondering if you dream this way?” Amid confident rock drumming and sharp-edged guitars, Meyer responds, “Do you really know what it’s like to hold on to something? Grip it oh so tight, the fear of unfolding?”

This single comes a year after MDMP’s diverse and adventurous 27-track LP Day One, featuring Strength, another collaboration with South Carolina rockers Dayshell. Having that track under their belt, the desire to try something more daring by fusing an island vibe with metalcore was born. “This song was written off the western shores of Oahu, Hawaii with collaboration from all over the planet,” Meyer says, noting contributions also came in from the U.K. and Kazakhstan.

Just as his album traversed new and unfamiliar territories, Meyer promises upcoming MDMP releases will travel the same exploratory path. “Some artists are determined to be the same and never change, and they’re going to go down with that ship,” he says. “I don’t want to do that. But I also don’t want to be like bands that have a style and then abandon it. Right now, it’s rock with synths. That’s where it’s at. But that doesn’t mean it can’t evolve and change as I collaborate more. And I’m definitely going to keep doing that. The more people I have invested in it, the better it is for me.”

Check out I Can’t Hold You Closer (ft. Dayshell) above, listen to Day One below, and find MDMP at their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.