JB Elwood Throws In The Towel But Reminds You: ‘I Tried’

The Texas singer-songwriter’s latest navigates the aftermath of a painful breakup.


JB Elwood gives up the ghost — romantically speaking — in his new single and lyric video I Tried, showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With its soul-stirring lyrics and hooky melodies, the song offers listeners a unique blend of soothing yet pop-centered guitar melodies, expertly mirroring the intentional emotions threaded throughout the track. Drawing inspiration from the heartache of being cheated on, I Tried delves into the raw complexities of navigating the aftermath of a painful breakup.

Austin-based singer-songwriter Elwood masterfully captures the feeling of being haunted by bittersweet memories that refuse to fade. As he recounts the struggle of ending a relationship tainted by betrayal, he explores the paradox of still feeling deeply connected to the past, even in the face of pain.

The single’s poignant lyrics include the striking line, “You’re gone, but I am still in love with you,” encapsulating the song’s central theme of love’s enduring hold on the heart, even when coupled with disloyalty. The chorus of I Tried stands out as a beacon of raw emotion, seamlessly blending an upbeat rhythm with the heartfelt intensity that underlies the song’s meaning. This juxtaposition of anger and longing is woven into every note, leaving listeners captivated by its emotional depth.

The track, written by Elwood and produced by Andrew Middleton, incorporates deliberate guitar melodies providing a perfect backdrop to the artist’s introspective lyrics. The instrumentation mirrors the song’s intentionality, echoing the emotional journey portrayed. Through a skillful blend of pop, alternative, and roots influences, Elwood elevates the genre, creating a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly unique.

Embarking on a musical odyssey at age 10, Elwood found his calling in the iconic riffs of Guns N’ Roses Slash. This Midwest native’s passion for music was ignited by the resonating chords of Welcome To The Jungle, weaving a rich tapestry that drew from his West Virginia lineage. Hailing from a family deeply connected to Appalachian rhythms, Elwood’s roots are intertwined with the sounds of fiddles, banjos, and guitars that once serenaded gospel tunes over local airwaves.

While Elwood’s journey has taken him through urban landscapes shaped by his father’s profession as a structural engineer, his heart remains firmly rooted in the melodies of the countryside. Settling in Austin, Texas, he found a city that nurtures his creative soul and emboldens his ambitious aspirations. His moniker pays homage to his visionary grandfather John Elwood Ball, while his cherished 1960s Gibson Dove guitar, a gift from his other grandfather, which now forms the foundation of Elwood’s songwriting. This fusion of past and present defines his identity, shaped by the essence of family, memory, and life experiences.

Check out I Tried above, hear more from JB Elwood below, and follow him on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.


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