girly. Spent his Last Dime On You

The Abbotsford artist enlist Chin Injeti for his romantically upbeat single & video.


girly. happily lets money slip through his fingers on his mellow new single and video Dime — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Produced by Chin Injeti, an award-winning Canadian artist who has worked with the likes of DJ Khalil, Dr. Dre and Eminem, the multi-racial Abbotsford indie artist’s easy, breezy cut builds on his success last year with Boyish.

Sometimes the cut feels like a love letter to a specific person — “I had four dollars in my pocket, I had four dollars in my pocket / Spent my last dime on you, I spent my last dime on you” goes the addictive hook. Other times, it feels more like a love letter to being on the come up with your friends, at a specific time and in a specific place.

The video, shot by Joe Salmon, Pamath Vinlaka and Daniel Lin, brings Vancouver alive like only those who live there could. girly. twists open a Sunny D right in front of Riddim & Spice, a popular haunt for Caribbean food in the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood — known for its multi-ethnic makeup that includes East Asians and First Nations populations. The video’s Super 8 effect brings an element of nostalgia to these images, too.

girly. calls Dime one of his easiest compositions. “It was like it wrote itself,” he said. “As soon as Chin played the first chords, I knew we had something amazing on our hands.” This is the first time the two have collaborated and girly. is excited for future collabs and adds that they connected at just the right time.

“When Chin Injeti and I met he said that he wants us to make happy music, and I, just coming out of a dark place in my life, was very excited to hear this because I spent the past year writing very dark music. Dime was very refreshing for me mentally!,” girly. said.

Joining girly. on stage are his trusted bandmates who were thrilled to hear the song and start playing it live. girly. himself also pushed his musical bounds. “Dime is the first song I learnt on the guitar and what started my guitar journey,” he explains.

Watch the video for Dime above, sample more from girly. below, and spend some time with him on his website, Instagram and TikTok.


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