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Albums Of The Week: Ashley McBryde | The Devil I Know

The newly minted Grammy winner serves up another potent country-rock cocktail.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Grammy winner Ashley McBryde has made a name for herself with her standout, critically acclaimed albums, all of which found the Arkansas native straddling lines between traditional country, rock-tinged roots and point-blank biker-bar riffs. With The Devil I Know, the Grand Ole Opry member and her band Deadhorse honed in and sharpened what it is they do best.

“When it was time to put together The Devil I Know, my band and I did what we always do: Got together in the purple building in East Nashville, played through a bunch of songs and discussed where we wanted it to go,” shares McBryde. “We decided to take all the things that people tend to give us a hard time for and turn it up.

“ ‘Y’all are too country.’ We leaned into that — more country it is. ‘Y’all are awfully rock-leaning for a country artist.’ Is that so? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. ‘Last thing y’all need is another tender, finger pickin’ song.’ Oh? Tender makes you uneasy, cowboy? I hear you. Let’s see how much more tender we can be. We listened to what was said. We took none of it into consideration. Please enjoy The Devil I Know.”

McBryde’s truth-telling is delivered a little softer in current chart-climbing single Light On In The Kitchen, while the title track The Devil I Know showcases her aptitude for turning it up.”