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Classic Album Review: Goddo | Kings Of The Stoned Age

The Can-Rock bad boys still haven't grown up on their third release in two decades.

This came out in 2003 – or at least that’s when I got it. Here’s what I said about it back then (with some minor editing):


As a rule, classic-rock reunion albums suck. Of course, veteran Toronto rockers Goddo never bothered to read the rule book.

The remarkably strong Kings Of The Stoned Age — just the third studio album in 20 years from the on-again, off-again power trio — finds the boys picking up right where ’70s and ’80s albums like Who Cares and Pretty Bad Boys left off. Which is to say, with tongue firmly in cheek, foot firmly in mouth and Marshall stacks cranked to 11. Raspy-throated singer-bassist Greg Godovitz still pens chugging blues and boogie-rockers about Chainsaw Love, smart-alec power-pop ditties about life as a Canadian Rock Star, and shimmering, Beatlesesque odes to his Moroccan Girl. Smoking guitarist Gino Scarpelli still churns out stinging licks and burbling solos that split the difference between Hendrix and Hooker. In-the-pocket drum powerhouse Doug Inglis still pounds the skins like they owe him money. And together, these old farts can still crank out tunes with more firepower, wit and hooks than Cheap Trick have had on their last umpteen records. Next to the endless parade of Canuck has-beens flogging their watered-down rehashes on the casino ircuit, it’s heartening to know that Goddo still haven’t slowed down, mellowed out — or grown up.