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You-Know-Who Tops Today’s Album Announcements

I probably don't have to tell you which superstar is dropping a new album tonight.

Unless you suffer from some sort of Memento-style short-term-memory-loss condition, I’m going to go ahead and assume you know that Taylor Swift announced she’ll be dropping her new album Folklore at midnight. But she wasn’t the only big name announcing new tunes today.

Teensy dance-pop titan Kylie Minogue revealed her album Disco comes out Nov. 9. Bon Jovi confirmed that their long-delayed 2020 album will finally arrive Oct. 2 And Nils Lofgren announced that his new live album Weathered drops Aug. 21. As always, they were joined by a few dozen smaller artists and independent acts. Scroll down to see all the latest additions to the list — including Fruit Bats’ full-length cover of Smashing PumpkinsSiamese Dream — and pop over to the Upcoming Releases page for the entire roster. And yeah, I know Kanye West is supposed to be releasing a new album tonight too. But now that’s he’s clearly off his meds and making American democracy even more laughable than it already is, he’s dead to me. Besides, he talks so much shit that it’s basically impossible to believe anything he says at this point.


July 31

Harley Alexander | I’m Feeling Things EP
Iñigo Vontier | Don Juan

August 7

Fore | Hombres
Layla Kaylif | Lovers Don’t Meet
Cary Morin | Dockside Saints
Duvall Timothy | Help
Unicorns At Heart | Aurora

August 14

ARA | The Desert EP
Busty & The Bass | Eddie
Decoherence | Unitarity

August 21

Blackbear | Everything Means Nothing
Buried Alive | Death Will Find You
Eluize | Eolian EP
Fruit Bats | Siamese Dream
Grit | Grit
Elsie Lange | Talk To Me
Nils Lofgren | Weathered
Siggy Magic and the Hey-Hoe Band | Commercials For Free E.P.

August 28

Harmonious Thelonious | Plong
Heaps | What Is Heaps
Panzerfaust | The Suns Of Perdition – Chapter II: Render Unto Eden
Rebelmatic | Ghost In The Shadows
Vanishing Point | Dead Elysium

September 4

Fleetwood Mac | 1969-1974
Rui Ho | Lov3 & L1ght
New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers | Volume 1
Laura Stevenson | Sit Resist Remastered Deluxe Edition

September 11

Ordinance | In Purge There Is No Remission

September 18

Bangladeafy | Housefly
Braille Face | Original Cast Recording
Nick Cordero | Live Your Life
Jupiter Jax | No Such Thing
The Last Reign | Evolution
Trae Sheehan | Postcards from the Country
Vatican Shadow | Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era
Spencer Zahn | Sunday Painter

September 25

Heavy Salad | Cult Casual
Nicolas Michaux | Amour Colère
Obsidian Kingdom | Meat Machine
Orplid | Deus Vult
Maxwell Stern | Impossible Sum
Vrîmuot | O Tempora, O Mores!

October 2

Bon Jovi | 2020
Dawes | Good Luck With Whatever
Death Valley Girls | Under The Spell Of Joy
Shibalba | Necrologiae Sinistrae

October 9

Brothers Osborne | Skeletons
Ozric Tentacles | Space For The Earth

October 16

Molassess | Through the Hollow

October 23

Fuzz | III

October 30

Junior Bruce | Pray For Death
Motörhead | Ace Of Spades Deluxe Edition

November 6

Kylie Minogue | Disco
Corman Neeson | White Feather Deluxe Edition
The Nude Party | Shine Your Light