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The latest metal and hard-rockin' offerings to menace my inbox.


You want it loud? Join the club — my site ain’t called Tinnitist for shiggles, bucko. Here are the latest worthy metal and hard rockin’ offerings to menace my inbox. Raise your head, bang the dead (or something like that):


Rockin’ Engine | Carnival Of Evil

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Rockin’ Engine’s new EP Altered By Evil is not only a solid dose of full-throttled rock that will have your body moving, but it’s also a homage to some of the best horror characters and events. The third single from the recently released record is Carnival of Evil, presented now in video form. Inspired by the works of Rob Zombie, they went all out in the production of this video with the help of Joe Lyko of Dark Moon Productions and Light is Art Studio. Vocalist and guitarist Steve O Leff enthusiastically shares details about it: “Having spent almost our entire budget on the production of our EP and music video for Monsters Under Your Bed, we only had enough money left to shoot one more music video. So, we had to go out big, and with a bang! When we started brainstorming for the concept of our video, we came up with some absolutely crazy, and even disturbing ideas… so we decided to create them all! From a wheel of torture to a magician box, from fake silicone limbs to a rusty butcher cleaver, we built everything from scratch. Even the fake blood is corn syrup and water-based.”

As The Palaces Burn | Into Emotions

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “In the dynamic landscape of Brazilian heavy metal, the band As The Palaces Burn have carved a distinctive niche with their balanced fusion of aggression and technical finesse. Drawing from a diverse spectrum of influences encompassing traditional heavy metal, thrash metal, and nuanced hints of progressive and modern metal, the band’s sonic identity is as diverse as it is powerful. The band’s new offering Drowning Into Shadows features their lead single Into Emotions to set the tone for the epic nine-track modern metal album that encapsulates their journey and growth. Says guitarist Diego Bittencourt: “Immerse yourself in the chaos of Into Emotions, where life’s cycle converges with relentless circles. As the symphony climaxes, a world veiled by deception and enmity unravels, daring you to stand resolute against the fall. This metal masterpiece beckons As The Palaces Burn fans to witness its raw energy, culminating in an electrifying video that mirrors the music’s intensity. Engulfed by shadows, yet emerging stronger, the song’s journey is a testament to perseverance against despair, echoing on and on, an unyielding tribute to resilience.”

TTFA (Torn The Fuck Apart) | Stuck In The Trunk

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Since the formation of Kansas City’s Torn The Fuck Apart, the band have been busy ripping people’s faces off with a relentless onslaught of brutality. Their sixth album Kill.Bury.Repeat. will be ready this year and death metal fans are eagerly waiting to sink their teeth into it. The second single A Statement of Malicious Intent is a meaty look at the real-life events that took place back in 1997 in North Hollywood, delivered in blistering death metal through a lyric video created by Jeffrey Sisson (F+ Productions). The band dig into the details:“A Statement of Malicious Intent is inspired by the true events of the Hollywood shootout on Feb. 28, 1997. The shootout is considered one of the bloodiest shootouts in the history of the United States. More than 2,000 rounds were fired and Larry Phillips Jr. was shot nearly a dozen times. Emil Matasareanu was shot several times in the legs, and bled to death a short time later.”

Dyecrest | Colder

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Powerful melodic Finnish metallers Dyecrest (featuring members of Metal de Facto, Thy Row, Everfrost and Kiowan Dynamo) are now streaming the second glimpse of their forthcoming album Once I Had A Heartm due out at the end of September. The album’s title track, this second song from the full-length, tells the story of a person who’s thinking back on his life and reflecting on whether he has made the right decisions or not. Drummer Niko Takala explains the single in further detail: This one ended up being the title track of the album, and it was one of the new tracks written on the album. Probably the newest one together with Oathkeeper. I remember well the moment we got the song’s chorus together. We were just humming the melody lines together with the guys and had the biggest of smiles on our faces! It’s got to be one of the best choruses we’ve ever written!”

Kilmore | Omitted

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Halifax’s Kilmore are sharing their latest music video for Omitted, a song about forgotten heroes and the internal struggles they face. The track was written with them in mind and turned out to be a unique, lower-key song from their new EP From the Inside released this March. Says singer-guitarist Heather Harris: “Today we tend to forget about real heroes and idolize fame and fortune over everyday people who work their whole lives to help. Neil our bassist shows a lot of elements to his bass playing in this song and Jon our drummer really locks into the song, which brings out the best qualities of the guitar and vocals.”

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