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King Gizzard Return With New Live Set & Demo Collection

The mighty Australian mathletes have just dropped a new live set & more demos.

It’s good to love the King. As long as his last name is Gizzard.

If you’ve been paying attention, you already know that Stu Mackenzie and his mighty crew of Australian mathletes in King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard are one of the most insanely prolific bands in existence (if not history), dishing out 40-some official studio and live releases over the past decade. Well, now you can add two more titles to that slate (and your playlist): Just in time for Bandcamp Friday, KGLW have dropped Demos Vol. 5 + 6, the latest installment in their ongoing series which collects 26 odds and sods recorded between 2010 and 2022; and Live In Chicago ’23, a 40-song document of their two-night stand at The Salt Shed in June.

The only bummer: Unlike previous releases, it doesn’t seem like the band are letting you download these for free. As of this writing, the discs haven’t appeared on the official Bootlegger page of their website. And the notes at the bottom of the releases’ Bandcamp pages (“BOOTLEGGERS: pls share the assets with other bootleggers HAHA” and “BOOTLEGGERS: ask another nice bootlegger for the assets hehe”) suggest it ain’t gonna happen. Ah, well. You can still listen to both albums below: