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Albums Of The Week: The 1981 | Move On

Clearly the Oakland fuzz-pop duo remember the past — but they are not condemned to repeat it verbatim on this darkly compelling, tastefully restrained narrative album.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The 1981 are an Oakland duo consisting of Adam Widener and Bobby Martinez. Their debut album Move On is a buzzy power-pop record with layers of guitars, synths, organs and vocals over a melancholy ache.

Influenced by The Jesus and Mary Chain’s fuzzed guitars and sweet melodies as well as Comet Gain’s jangle-punk narratives, the band play a pleasant and enjoyable brand of hook-driven indie-pop.

Move On is a 12-song story-set-to-music about a fictional couple and their relationship falling apart. It was rritten and recorded by Widener and Martinez in their rehearsal studio. The pair spent months tracking alone before recruiting Phil Lantz (Neutrals, Chime School) to re-record drums on several songs and Yea-Ming Chen (Yea-Ming and the Rumours) to duet on In Your Eyes. The record was sent to the Southern Hemisphere for Matt Bullimore (ex-Legs, ex-Mantles) to mix in Christchurch, New Zealand and Mikey Young (Eddy Current) to master in Melbourne, Australia.”


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