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Albums Of The Week: Bat Sabbath | Masters Of Duality EP

It's Cancer Bats playing more Black Sabbath covers. What more do you need?

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Masters Of Duality is an EP (and accompanying full-length video) of Black Sabbath classics recorded and filmed live in the studio by Bat Sabbath, the musical alter ego of Juno-nominated Canadian hardcore punk heavyweights Cancer Bats.

Recorded and filmed at Private Ear Studios in Winnipeg with John Paul Peters as engineer and Jim Agapito as director, the five-track offering features all three Bats — Liam Cormier, Mike Peters and Jaye Schwarzer (on both bass and guitar) — paying homage to the metal pioneers of Black Sabbath. Slamming through some of their favourite Sabbath classics, the EP/video features covers of Children of The Grave, Iron Man, Into the Void, N.I.B. and the iconic War Pigs.

“The time has come for us to gather once more in faithful worship to the true gods of metal!,” Cormier says. “The devoted souls known as Cancer Bats will take on their legendary form as Bat Sabbath to once more pay homage to the almighty lords of all things heavy, Black Sabbath!!! Join us in worship of the five greatest albums to ever be crafted!”

With 17 years under their belt, including seveb acclaimed studio albums, six Juno nominations and countless tours around the globe, Cancer Bats have become an undeniable force within the world of heavy music and one of the hardest working bands in the industry.”