Ayumi Anime | Choosing Me: Exclusive Video Premiere

The singer-songwriter shares her true-life love story in her latest single & video.

Ayumi Anime reveals a secret in her romantic new single and video Choosing Me — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

“This song is about real love,” says the Ukrainian/Korean singer-songwriter. “It’s my true love story. The intro video is from our archive, it’s the only real content we have. We’ve never had a wedding, but we got engaged like six years ago in L.A. with flip-flops on me and $10 rings and still, we were happy.”

And soon, she and her partner will unveil their latest co-production. “I wrote this song right after I found out about my pregnancy, so I was absolutely motivated! These lyrics mean so much to me — I hope people can connect to them like I do. I’m so happy I can finally share it so now everyone can take a look inside my head and soul in this song.

“The video is revealing about my pregnancy and I wanted to make it beautiful with strong, honest and romantic delivery. The song will motivate everyone who believes in love, ‘cause it was done with love. I know that a lot of people in the biz could find revealing a pregnancy weird and not serious — and probably not professional. But I’m pretty sure that a person can combine career and family. For me, happiness means harmony in everything.”

Watch Choosing Me above, listen to the track HERE, and keep up with Ayumi Anime via her Instagram, YouTube, website and Twitter.