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Albums Of The Week: Hozier | Unreal Unearth

Fill up the bath and fire up the candles — the sensitive Irish troubadour has returned with a third rich collection of soulful sincerity, warm intimacy and stylish songcraft.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Unreal Unearth is the incredible third album by Hozier. The peerless singer-songwriter recorded this remarkable record with a stellar cast of producers including Bekon (Kendrick Lamar, Drake), Jennifer Decilveo (Miley Cyrus, Bat For Lashes) and Jeff Gitelman (The Weeknd, H.E.R.). The sounds, style and influences throughout the record range from folk, to rock, to blues, to soul, to anthemic pop, and all that’s in between.

“I’m proud of this record and enjoyed watching it come to life over the past year,” the musician wrote on Instagram while announcing the album. “Thank you as always for your support and patience while it was coming to fruition, it’s my great pleasure to share with you the release date at long last.”

He says: “A lot of the initial writing took place in the early days of the pandemic. It felt like a very surreal time — as if the earth was on its head. That’s the Unreal part. It was also a season of great misinformation. It felt like we stepped into an alternative world. I liked Unearth as a verb ‘to dig’ or ‘to uncover.’ It describes a world that is not of this earth. The record is the experience of a journey through a certain period.”

Read his full statement below:

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