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Indie Roundup | 31 Tracks To Amplify Your Thursday

Unrighteous Brothers, Cosmic Reef Temple, Right Offs & other acts you need to hear.

The Unrighteous Brothers double your pleasure in more ways than one, Cosmic Reef Temple ride a spaced-out wave, eleven7four get gooned, Li-sa-X, Saki and Ediee Ironbunny shread for the hills, The Rights Offs get savvy and more in your Thursday Roundup. Well, I got a crapload of nothing accomplished today. Hope your afternoon was more productive than mine.


1+2 | The Unrighteous Brothers | You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling + Unchained Melody

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Paul Cauthen & Orville Peck have released their debut as The Unrighteous Brothers. Their collaboration finds the pair covering the legendary Righteous Brothers smash hits You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling and Unchained Melody, produced by Beau Bedford & Butch Walker and recorded at the legendary RCA Studio A in Nashville. Cauthen said, “When I first heard Orville’s voice, I knew we’d sound good together. I’ve always wanted to cover some Righteous Brothers tunes, but it took time to find the person I could pull it off with.” Peck said, “I’ve been obsessed with Paul ever since I first heard his voice a year or two ago. I finally got to see him play while we were both on tour in Nashville and that’s when we first met. He has such a larger than life, soulful presence, so when they brought me the idea of us doing The Unrighteous Brothers, it was just a no-brainer.”

3 | Cosmic Reef Temple | Wave Constellation

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Heavy psychedelic space-surf collective Cosmic Reef Temple and twisted sci-fi punk/new wave outfit Shrinkwrap Killers have joined forces to release a three-song split of otherworldly proportions on Oct. 2. In advance, Cosmic Reef Temple are pleased to unveil their video for Wave Constellation. Comments the band, “Sonic oscillations from beyond the Wave Constellation are being projected through our first visual output. Wave Constellation delves deeper into surf-rock territory, melding the classic with the future. Drop into the edge of the sea and head out of the solar system with this brief pilgrimage of the Temple.”

4 | eleven7four | T.H.U.G. (ft. Goon Des Garcons)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “New Zealand-via-Zimbabwe brothers eleven7four’s debut album, What’s The 1174? (Side 1) will be out Oct. 2. Today, the duo shares the video for T.H.U.G. (Tony Hawk Under Ground) ft. Goon Des Garcons, inspired by pro skater and idol Tony Hawk. “What’s the 1174? (Side 1) is the soundtrack to one of the craziest nights of our lives, each song represents a different saga of the night, from Stupid Crazy, where you let it all go for the sake of fun and laughter, to the invoking rebellious spirit of punk rock on T.H.U.G.,” the duo explained. “Every song on the album is about having fun, which represents us as people and artists. We want to experience all things fun in life and make it sound dope while doing so!”

5 | Li-sa-X, Saki & Ediee Ironbunny | Gurenge (紅蓮華)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On Sept. 26, a selection of Japan’s finest technical guitarists will converge for the special livestream event Shred Racers Online F2 live from Tokyo, an epic shred battle. Li-sa-X, Saki and Ediee Ironbunny are confirmed to perform live. In anticipation of the event, they have recorded a new video cover of the hit anime song Gurenge (紅蓮華). The YouTube page has more info on the event and tickets.”

6 | The Right Offs | Post Bone Savy

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Right Offs just revealed their new single and video for Post Bone Savvy, from their Bardo album out this Friday. The group shares: “Post Bone Savvy was one of the last songs we tracked for the record, but ended up being one of the better raw performances we captured. Lyrically, it deals with getting to the heart of how people, whether in friendships, relationships, or otherwise, relate to one another. We feel it’s a great way to introduce Bardo since it in many ways highlights the energy and exploration of the album. And it’s just a damn fun song to play.”

7 | Mayday Parade | Lighten Up Kid

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Alternative mainstay Mayday Parade have announced the release of Out of Here, a brand-new EP due out Oct. 16. Along with the announcement, the band has shared new song Lighten Up Kid. On Lighten Up Kid, the band continues to explore the power of self-love and finding confidence within, a theme that has run deep throughout their catalogue. “Lighten Up Kid is about trying to find yourself and the strength to keep fighting for what you believe in,” they said. “It’s about being or feeling cut down and hung out to dry but standing up for yourself in the end.”

8 | Ashbury Heights | Spectres From the Black Moss

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After the last album The Victorian Wallflowers, Ashbury Heights return with their first singer Yaz and a new future pop hit single for goth and electro fans. “Spectres From the Black Moss is the first single from our upcoming Ghost House Sessions anthology, which gathers the unreleased, the rare, and the weird from our back catalogue. First written for a stillborn sequel to Take Cair Paramour, Spectres From the Black Moss reimagines themes from the past to imagine a present that never was. This is Ashbury Heights as the other, echoing from a dark multiverse.”

9 | Le Couleur | Silenzio

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Following the successful release of their stunning new album Concorde, Montréal’s Le Couleur share a video for their single Silenzio. The video was directed by Ariel Poupart, who was at the helm for the cinematic visual highlighting the project’s title track Concorde. Silenzio is about death on the prowl, depicted as a mafia betrayal that ends with “il bacio della morte” (the kiss of death). Director Ariel Poupart says: “For Silenzio, we wanted to recreate the cabaret atmosphere of gangster films to match the song’s lyrics. We also went for the colour palettes and textures of Giallo films, that is to say the very saturated gore of Italian murder mystery films of the ’70s.”

10 | Bob Moses & Zhu | Desire (Solomun Remix)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “To further bring the music of their latest project Desire to the masses, Bob Moses have tapped European producer Solomun for a remix of the title track. Desire (Solomun Remix) is also accompanied by a new edit of the Desire music video. For his take on Bob Moses’ hypnotic late-night collaboration with Grammy-nominated electronic musician Zhu, Solomun extends the track to over six minutes and highlights the vocal line “I don’t want your desire / I just wanna be free.” Fans can experience the remix alongside a visual component reflecting the track’s original interactive video, directed by Owen Brown.”

11 | Lexxicon | Trust (ft. Kris Hans)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Jamaican-born, Toronto-based hip-hop/dancehall trailblazer Lexxicon continues to celebrate his new EP, Tropical R&B. Today, he highlights an important lesson on Trust — the title of his single featuring Kris Hans — with a video filmed in Toronto. “Often time friends, family members and partners have an expectation of love and a certain level of care that is not always reciprocated which can be frustrating. The video goes in and out of focus and color through black and white just to represent the uncertainty and the rollercoaster of what trust is and can be, it’s fluid and ever changing and either getting stronger or weaker as time and days go on,” Lexxicon says. “This song can get people to reflect on their actions to see if they are that person that’s not showing love back or if they are the one always giving it out.”

12 | Shred Kelly | Looking For

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Fernie, B.C. alternative folk-rock band Shred Kelly share a new music video for Looking For. It follows two young adults both living in a mountain town who feel lost, no longer certain that their lifestyles are fulfilling them. As they go through the motions of their separate day-to-day lives, they realize they are looking for something more. The song and video are based on how lead singers Tim Newton and Sage McBride met over 10 years ago in Fernie before the beginning of Shred Kelly. It comes from their June 19 release Like A Rising Sun.”

13 | Kate Bollinger | Grey Skies

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The animated music video for Kate Bollinger’s Grey Skies by Steph Hope is out now. Says Bollinger: “When I first saw Steph’s illustrations and animated work, I was immediately drawn to her style and knew I wanted her to create the visual match for my song. Here you can see some of the steps in Steph’s process, which I find fascinating.” The track comes from her latest album A Word Becomes A Sound.”

14 | Yves Jarvis | In Every Mountain

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On Sundry Rock Song Stock, Yves Jarvis continues to refine his creative approach to the core of his being, where music and life intertwine in harmonious fashion. Out tomorrow, this latest album from the Montreal-based musician fuses genre elements into a symbiotic relationship where wistful folk, tender R&B, pastoral prog, and musique concrète experiments feed into one another to grow lush new forms. Though he maintains an air of mystery with his lyrics, Jarvis’s whisper-soft words can be interpreted as both deeply personal and politically motivated in ways we haven’t heard from him before. Describing the song as “one consciousness!”, today Jarvis has shared a new video for the song In Every Mountain.

15 | Boundaries | Behind The Bend

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Connecticut metal group Boundaries shared the newest single Behind The Bend and the accompanying video from their debut album Your Receding Warmth, due out Nov. 13. While Boundaries may have come a long way since that 2017 EP, the deep connection to their fans has never wavered, and Behind The Bend is sure to stoke the flames of anticipation for their debut album even further. The track follows one’s last step backward into the helplessness of rock bottom before progression in life is possible, mixing some of their quietest yet most haunting moments with cruel mid-paced riffs that culminate in crushing results.”

16 | Atheos | Embers Obscure The Sun

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Out Oct. 30, Atheos’ album Words Of Eroding Worlds is carved from the foundations laid down by death metal’s founding fathers, but infused with a Celtic magic that twists into beautiful, sinister, terrifying forms. There is an aura of nightmares that hangs over writhing songs like Embers Obscure The Sun, the riffs slipping from the expected paths, sliding into colder waters and hungry swamps where the Aughisky dwell.”

17 | The Grahams | Don’t Give Your Heart Away

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “In its most simplistic form, this song was written as a cautionary tale for our daughter who at the time had not yet been conceived,” explains Alyssa and Doug Graham (musical partners and a married couple) of alt-pop band The Grahams about their new track/video Don’t Give Your Heart Away. “However, its meaning goes far deeper and at its core is much more of a personal struggle than may come across upon first listen.” Taken from their new album Kids Like Us, the track was written in collaboration with the band’s longtime friend and co-writer BMC.”

18 | Shamir | Other Side

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Philadelphia indie-rock figurehead Shamir shared the final single from his upcoming album Shamir, out on Oct. 2. Country-tinged Other Side has a dark yet hopeful connotation, as the artist explains: “I watched an episode of Unsolved Mysteries about a woman whose husband was lost during the Vietnam War and how she never gave up trying to get answers about what happened to him. I wrote this song from her perspective. They’re both now deceased, so the song is also about how (I hope) they’ve reunited in the afterlife, or more accurately, the Other Side.”

19 | Draag | Nothing Ever Happened

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “L.A. indie-shoegaze quintet Draag shared their version of Deerhunter’s modern classic Nothing Ever Happened ahead of the band’s Covers EP out Oct. 9. The track follows previous singles Lansing (Vinyl Williams), Loro (Pinback), and Clube Da Esquina N°2 (Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges). The project also features versions of songs by Throbbing Gristle and Goon. When the band’s plans for a summer tour were cancelled due to COVID, the group “decided we’d use the time we’d spend on the road to make this EP instead, sending stems back and forth to each other. The choice of songs to cover was very stream of consciousness — instinctually chosen from a combination of Twitter recommendations and artists that expand the definition of music to us.”

20 | Juletta + Ishan | Wildheart

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Alternative R&B artists Juletta + Ishan have just shared their latest breathtaking single Wildheart. It’s the third release from If I Never Hit Land, out Oct. 16 — a collaborative album inspired by real stories Juletta collected from 30 women she interviewed over the past two years in New York City. “There was a certain masking that the pitch shifted vocal provided that we both felt integral to the song,” Ishan explains. “While we were recording I felt waves of insecurity, embarrassed that I was trying to live up to someone as beautiful and poignant as Stevie Nicks,” Juletta says. “I liked how viscerally the low voice hit too because it created some distance between my self-destructive streak and the song.”

21 | Concede | Indoctrinate

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Featuring members of Amend, End It All and Earth Rot, Concede is a three-piece group from Perth, Australia playing a powerful concoction of grind, hardcore and powerviolence. Following a couple of EPs and singles, the trio will finally release their debut full-length album Indoctrinate Nov. 20. Concede’s lethal mix of hardcore, powerviolence and grindcore will really put some bands to shame. The pure, unfiltered rage and disdain the trio manage to capture into their music and lyrics is unparalleled. You can feel the pain, anger and frustration that motivate this band throughout the entire album.”

22 | Autocatalytica | Cheggo

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Autocatalytica is a bubbling cauldron of scatter-brained prog-metal insanity helmed by guitarist/vocalist Eric Thorfinnson. The newest release for the band is Powerclashing Maximalism, which is coming out on Oct. 16. In anticipation of the release, Autocatalytica is releasing the second single Cheggo. The track is described by the band as “A jazzy take on math-rock with its fair share of freneticism.”

23 | Dave Hause | Long Ride Home (ft. Brian Fallon)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Philly-bred singer-songwriter Dave Hause will release two EPs, Patty and Paddy, on Oct. 23. Reimagining songs by two of his favorite artists, Patty Griffin and Patrick “Paddy” Costello of Dillinger Four, the forthcoming EPs feature an array of contributors including Brian Fallon, Will Hoge, Jake Blount, Lilly Hiatt, Laura Stevenson and Bartees Strange. Today he shares Long Ride Home from the Patty EP, featuring Brian Fallon. Says Hause: “With the pandemic rolling in and all of our touring plans cancelled, it seemed like a great time to try some home recording, and to do this project that I’ve always wanted to try.”

24 | Northcote | Freedom

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian singer-songwriter and captivating storyteller Northcote (moniker for Matthew Goud) releases Freedom, the latest single from his anticipated new album Let Me Roar, available Oct. 23. Self-produced and recorded at the Noise Floor on Gabriola Island, BC, Freedom is a heart achingly beautiful stripped-down folk Americana ballad about letting go, having self-compassion and living in the moment. “Freedom was the last song written and recorded during the making of Let Me Roar,” shares Northcote. “My goal was to write a type of last word for the record. I was hoping to write something big and catchy and a song that would reach the stars. What I ended up writing was a song more about gratitude, about letting go of some of my expectations. I had been working so hard to be a good musician, a good husband, a good son and sibling, and I felt sorrow when I was not living up to what I had in mind for myself.”

25 | Soda Blonde | Love Me World

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Soda Blonde have released their newest single Love Me World. Says singer Faye O’Rourke: “Love Me World is a song about acknowledging the darker moments of wanting to be loved by everyone. The idea of bending to fit the zeitgeist in the pursuit of acceptance and love.” Soda Blonde emerged from the ashes of internationally acclaimed band Little Green Cars; whose debut album saw them skyrocket to No. 1 in the Irish album charts. With two immaculate EPs under their belt, a new single and new found approach to their craft, plus their debut album almost finished, the world is ready to love Soda Blonde.”

26 | Chris Smither | Caveman

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:More From the Levee, Chris Smither’s 18th album, continues the milieu of his 50-year retrospective Still on the Levee (2014). Reconnecting with his roots, Smither recorded the double album in New Orleans at the fabled Music Shed. What resulted were 24 fresh takes on his songs. Caveman is the latest preview. “This is one of those songs that began very innocently, pretending to be a harmless little ditty … then about halfway through it turned on me and showed its teeth, not so much with a snarl, just a simple expression of hunger and a desire to eat me up. I thought it was going to be easy to write, and it was, as long as I thought it was a ‘four stages of man’ kind of theme. But then THE WALL kept climbing into every verse, and things got heavier. Finally it consumed me. This is one of those ‘surprise hits’ in my repertoire. It’s a frequent request. Maybe I’m the only one who’s surprised.”

27 | Odesity | Loveless

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After a steady, considered drip feed of releases in the last 18 months, North Queensland producer Odesity shares his biggest single yet in Loveless. Having existed in some form for over two years, it was by chance that Loveless even existed given it was a nearly forgotten demo. After being sent to a friend to hear, she returned the song with the pop-leaning vocals and it was only after hearing this new perspective did Odesity finally tap into the inspiration he’d been searching for to create the song as it is today.”

28 | Scard | Graveyard Dirt

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Portland-based dark ambient/industrial noise project Scard will release its Rusted Lock full-length Nov. 6. Scard — led by one J. Huston — began in 2001 in Seattle, moving to Portland a year later. Drawing from dark ambient, power electronics, death industrial, and black noise, Scard combines their personal origins in the forested regions of Oregon with eventual scum of city life to create a harsh, layered, and multi-faceted sound. Comments Huston, “Rusted Lock contains the most seething, and incisive work since Scard’s inception.This latest offering was an absolutely crucial album after a very long break from any activity.”

29 | Los Blenders | Punta Diamante

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Mexico City surf-punks Los Blenders will release Mazunte 2016 tomorrow; today they’ve shared the single Punta Diamante. Mazunte 2016 tells a complete story centered around the concept of daydreaming and the inevitable erosion of memory. The themes of the album change from beach to the city, from love to depression, and from good times to police violence. Los Blenders has transformed its music to add psychedelic textures and pop choruses to the mix of punk and surf in previous albums. Band-leader Alejandro Archundia says, “The idea of the album is that it should feel like a memory that never existed, nostalgia for a past that never happened, exploring a memory that you’re not completely sure if it was a dream or if you really lived it. A trip you feel you’ve already embarked on but maybe it was only a hallucination.”

30 | Yaotl Mictlan | Nuevo Fuego

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Utah black metal outfit Yaotl Mictlan are preparing to release their third album Sagrada Tierra del Jaguar in late October. The band has posted the advance single Nuevo Fuego. Sagrada Tierra del Jaguar shows Yaotl MictlanWarriors From the Land of the Dead in the Mexican language Nahuatl — delivering their most epic material to date, focusing on an overall deeper Mesoamerican mysticism feel to the music.”

31 | Elizabeth | Go Your Own Way

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Melbourne anti-pop heroine Elizabeth will release a special deluxe version of her critically acclaimed 2019 debut album The Wonderful World of Nature on Oct. 23. The new tracks include a stunning cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way. Says Elizabeth: “Stevie Nicks is one of my ultimate idols, a captivating and magical witch of my dreams. I have loved this song since I was a teenager and I totally identify with the sentiment of loving someone so much and it just being too hard to keep going.”