Midweek Mixtape | More Than 100 Songs That Can’t Wait (Side 1)

It happens every year at this time: I think, ‘Geez, I’ve been lazy lately. I really should get off my duff and write all those reviews and features on my to-do list.’ Then I remember that summer is almost over, so I turn off the computer and take a walk / go to the park / sit outside / crack a beer instead. After all, work can always wait — unlike these 100-plus singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasures, golden oldies and live performances (most of which you won’t find anywhere else). Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a ⭐️. Get to work:



1Frankie and the Witch Fingers | Empire

2Osees | Intercepted Message

3Heatmiser | Lowlife (Live)

4Friko | Crimson to Chrome

5Loon Town | Silver Flowers

6Juicebumps | Wiggler

7Moonriivr | Bachelor Nation

8Kevin Drew | Out In The Fields

9Clementine Valentine | Selenelion

10The Menzingers | Hope is a Dangerous Little Thing

11Fievel is Glauque | Dark Dancing / I’m Scanning Things I Can’t See

12LP Giobbi | All I Need (Goose Reimagined)

13Goose | Arrow (LP Giobbi Remix)

14The Iron Roses | Old Guard

15Mantra of The Cosmos | X (Wot You Sayin?)

16Dirty Sound Magnet | Insomnia

17Corey Taylor | Talk Sick

18Death Cab for Cutie | An Arrow In The Wall + Chvrches Remix

19Joey Joesph | Dead Dog

20Orbiting Human Circus | I Cover the Waterfront

21Jesse Colter | Standing On The Edge Of Forever

22Perennial | Hippolyta! + Dissolver

23Eli Paperboy Reed | IDKWYCTD (I Came To Play)

24Tar Of | Amused By Their Comment

25Superchunk | Sunny Brixton

26Peter Gabriel | Olive Tree (Dark​-​Side Mix)

27The Underbites | Topsy Turvy Trish

28The Half Cubes | She’s So Young (ft. Moe Berg)