Weekend Mixtape | More Than 200 Songs Straight From The Source (Side 3)

Well, here we are again. Another weekend. And another slate of 200-plus singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live clips — most of which you won’t find anywhere else. As usual, your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a ⭐️. I think you can take it from here:



1⭐️ Olivia Rodrigo | Bad Idea Right?

2Ashnikko | Cheerleader

3⭐️ Devon Cole | D**khead

4⭐️ PJ Western | Waiting Around

5⭐️ Metric | Nothing Is Perfect

6Ashlynn Malia | Nobody Else

7⭐️ Chappell Roan | Hot To Go

8V | Love Me Again + Rainy Days

9⭐️ Ben Loomis | What’ll It Be?

10Eric Nam | Don’t Leave Yet

11More In Luv | Go Home

12⭐️ Corner Club | Whenever You’re Ready

13Valentina Cy | I Tried So Hard Not To Love You

14Fred Abong | Fear Pageant

15Evelyne Brochu | Paris

16Joshua Roberts | Tequila

17Henka | Caught Up

18Ashlynn Malia | Nobody Else

19Chad Tepper & Bryce Vine | Run The World

20Riovaz & Kanii | Waiting Alone

21James Bay | Goodbye Never Felt So Bad

22Sigrid | The Hype

23Cody Fry | What If

24Fred Again | Adore U

25Jordan Klassen | Live Another Life

26All Day Sucker | I’m Not Tired

27⭐️ Semihelix | Downstream

28Edie Yvonne | On Your Mind

29Payson Lewis | Blurrier

30Kidburn | Last Days Of You

31St Cyrus | All The Eyes Are On Us

32Chloé Sautereau | Ten Thousand Stories

33Cap’n Al | Desperation Day