Weekend Mixtape | More Than 200 Songs Straight From The Source (Side 4)

Well, here we are again. Another weekend. And another slate of 200-plus singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live clips — most of which you won’t find anywhere else. As usual, your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a ⭐️. I think you can take it from here:



1⭐️ Metallica | Seek & Destroy (East Rutherford, NJ – August 4, 2023)

2The Dead Daisies | Slide It In (Live from NY Rehearsals)

3The Plot In You | Forgotten

4Salacious Gods | Morbid Revelations In Blood And Semen

5Angelus Apatrida | Cold

6Black Pestilence | Mortal Rift

7The Last Siren | Light The Fuse

8Bad As | You Better Run

9Lyvonia | Laika

10Firewind | Mercenary Man (Live)

11Sarayasign | Hope And The Sorrow

12⭐️ Kal-El | Moon People

13Skeleton Pit | Phantom Fire

14Electric Enemy | Panic

15⭐️ Dead Icarus | Sellout

16Khiral | Versions Of Reality

17⭐️ Dead Quiet | Big Beer

18Owls & Eagles | Leave Me Be

19Phosphene | Jigsaw