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Albums Of The Week: Ghost of Fu Kang Walker | The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker

The Pennsylvania quintet channel the ghosts of ’70s and ’80s rockers on their debut.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Described in a Facebook comment as ‘The Middle Earth of Lehigh Valley stoner metal,’ The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker stand out in a Pennsylvania music scene typically dominated by Top-40 cover bands. With vocals inspired by the vintage metal stylings of Thin Lizzy, Dio and Iron Maiden, the band infuses ’70’s and ’80s nostalgia with contemporary songwriting, creative hooks, and ultra fuzzy bass riffs.

The band released their first single, Where Wolves And Wiccans Roam, on Halloween of 2021. Frontman John Pospischil (JP) initially played drums for the band alongside guitarists Josh Pretko and Jason Douglas, and bass player Sean Cameron. The foursome recorded their initial tracks with John recording both drums and vocals. It was immediately apparent that the band wanted to recreate this sound in a live setting. The band called on local music veteran Tony Lipovsky to try out as the band’s drummer and after two rehearsals they made it official. John then took on the role of vocals and keyboard.

Within months, the band inked a deal with Wormholedeath Records to release the self-titled EP with global distribution. Collectively, the members of GFKW have played in an extensive roster of past bands, including Dragon Green, The Sinking Earth, Stillwater, I Want To Kill You, Blackout Driver, Sarin, Sound of Reverse and more. Their history of friendship, gigs, and previous collaborations dates back to the late ’80s, with previous bands having opened for the likes of Clutch, Gwar, Weedeater and more.”