Weekend Mixtape | More Than 230 Songs Of The Summer (Side 9)


Yep, it’s about that time — whether we like it or not, somebody is going to have to choose an official Song Of The Summer™®©. I don’t care who does it, as long as it’s not me; frankly, I can’t be trusted with that kind of responsibility. So I’ll leave it up to all of you. Here are some options — more than 230 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasured, golden oldies and live performances (most of which you won’t find anywhere else). Surely one of them will do the trick. If not, well, no sweat — I’ll have another 500 or so new contenders next week. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a ⭐️. Let the carnage begin:



1⭐️ Lido Pimienta | Creétela (Believe it) You Belong

2⭐️ Rodrigo y Gabriela | True Nature + Descending To Nowhere + Finding Myself Leads Me To You + Broken Rage

3Winstrong | Khaki Suit

4Patrice | Stamina

5Burna Boy | Big 7

6Mc Pipo & Doc Filo | Morenita

7Matt B | Freedom (ft. Motswana mo Erongo)

8Crystal Fighters | Carolina

9Jaymellz | Wind It Up

10Yungchen Lhamo | Overcoming Obstacles

11Sublime With Rome | Cool & Collected

12⭐️ Earthtones & Semblanzas del Rio Guapi | Discoteca Folkl​ó​rica v​.​1


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