The Great Fuss Show Off Their Pop Smarts With Hairbrain

The Saskatoon foursome’s latest hits the sweet spot between The Kinks & Spoon.


Hear what The Great Fuss are about with their infectious new single and video Hairbrain — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With an homage to the pulsing piano melodies and indelible electric guitar riffs of classic pop-rock, this Saskatoon foursome go for a generational collision, capturing an old-school vibe within a contemporary kaleidoscope of rhythm, lyrics and low-fi pop rock riffs that earworm into your consciousness. The track’s accompanying music video showcases the band interspersed with places of travel — dimly lit, brightly coloured, black and white, in and out of focus.

The Great Fuss delight in keeping you wondering if they’re inspired by Andy Warhol, The Beatles or Joe Strummer. Or if they’re simply themselves in a great tidal wave of love and lyric. In their own words, the band is a finely tuned cross breed of British and North American elements; imagine what it would sound like if The Kinks had a baby with Spoon.

Landing firmly on the Saskatchewan scene in 2016, members Pete Oldridge (vocals/bass), Erik Sample (drums), Chris Valleau (guitar) and Kat Jones (keyboards) have been leaving their distinct imprint along the festival and concert circuit ever since. Their eponymous 2018 debut was met with support and acclaim, giving way to live appearances at major events.

Aside from being smart songwriters and clever lyricists, the band also find success in their ability to self-produce and record, with Oldridge at the helm, engineering from his personal studio. From the first written note to the final recorded piece, The Great Fuss show their talent from start to finish — a knack also heard on their 2019 sophomore offering Root Thyself!

Watch Hairbrain above, hear more from The Great Fuss below, and find out what’s what on their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instragram.