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Jim James | Uniform Clarity

For his acoustic followup to Uniform Distortion, the My Morning Jacket frontman returns to the scene of the grime.

After chaos comes beauty. At least, it works that way if you’re Jim James. It’s barely been three months since the release of his noisy and unruly Uniform Distortion album. But the My Morning Jacket frontman has already returned to the scene of the grime for the companion disc Uniform Clarity. This time he comes by himself, armed with an acoustic guitar and his creaky drawl. Luckily, that’s all he needs to give you a new introspective perspective on Distortion‘s 11 uniformly wonderful and earnest cuts — which are augmented here with a pair of new numbers for good measure. Guess now he’ll have to go back, plug in again, record those as a single and start the ball rolling all over again.

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