Midweek Mixtape | More Than 130 Songs That Speak Your Language (Side 1)


Pro Tip: If you’re a soulless corporate PR type who has to ghostwrite a statement for a Nashville Nazi to defend his latest racist, gun-fellating piece of video vomit, at least try to stay true to his lexicon — nobody who’s heard his halfwitted lyrics is going to believe he knows the word ‘meritless.’ Which is ironic, since it tidily sums up his career and existence. Thankfully, you can’t say that about today’s roster of 130 singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances — most of which you won’t find anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tunes are tagged with a ⭐️. ’Cause they’re meritorious:



1Bat Sabbath | War Pigs

2Code Orange | Take Shape (ft. Billy Corgan)

3The Chemical Brothers | Live Again (ft. Halo Maud)

4Jess Parker | Help Myself

5False Fed | Echoes of Compromise

6Dead Broke | Not Yours To Take

7Lusine | Zero to Sixty (ft. Sarah Jaffe)

8Dirty Sound Magnet | Melodies From Distant Shores

9Oxbow | Lovely Murk (ft. Lingua Ignota)

10Joel Sarakula | Pacifico Waves

11Unschooling | Ribbon Road

12Axis: Sova | Hardcore Maps

13Waylon Jennings | Honky Tonk Heroes (Live on The Midnight Special 1975)

14Harry & The Hounds | Hey Jack!

15Blur | The Narcissist + parklife (Live)

16Phish | Sand (Live 7/16/2023)

17Goose | The Empress of Organos (ft. Jake Cinninger and Joel Cummins)

18Dave Matthews Band | Grace Is Gone (Live)

19Jerry Vale | Happy Heart (Live on The Ed Sullivan Show)

20Sylvan Paul | Drugs

21Jah Wobble | Last Exit

22Civic | Blood Rushes (Live)

23The Mountain Goats | Clean Slate

24Ash | Like A God

25Illuminati Hotties | Truck

26Dan Mangan | Say When

27Who Is She? | 96 Ghouls

28Islands | Superstitious

29Imperial Triumphant | A Night In Tunisia

30Mondo Generator | Death March

31Hackedepicciotto | La Femme Sauvage

32Big Thief | Vampire Empire

33Metro Riders | Spasm

34Lori Vambe | Drumsong (Three)

35TV Saints | American Gun People + Devil’s Corner (Live)



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