Weekend Mixtape | More Than 230 Songs Of The Summer (Side 11)


Yep, it’s about that time — whether we like it or not, somebody is going to have to choose an official Song Of The Summer™®©. I don’t care who does it, as long as it’s not me; frankly, I can’t be trusted with that kind of responsibility. So I’ll leave it up to all of you. Here are some options — more than 230 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasured, golden oldies and live performances (most of which you won’t find anywhere else). Surely one of them will do the trick. If not, well, no sweat — I’ll have another 500 or so new contenders next week. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a ⭐️. Let the carnage begin:



1⭐️ The Hello Darlins | Don’t You Fall

2⭐️ Elvie Shane | Jonesin’

3Lillie Mae | Cold June

4⭐️ Ariel Posen | Didn’t Say

5Lonesome Ace Stringband | Sweeter Sound

6⭐️ The Bluesland Horn Band | Solitaire

7Shadwick Wilde | Without You

8The Grahams | Glory Bound

9Joey Green | Drops of Jupiter x Bright Lights Mashup

10Rosie H Sullivan | Fragments

11Maggie Cubillos | Slow Motion

12Premium Leisure | Cornerhouse

13Noah Gundersen | Swim

14Maisie Peters | Wendy

15River Town Saints | She Got That

16Ghost Hounds | Last Train To Nowhere

17Norah Jones, Cat Popper | Maybe It’s All Right (Live)

18Shank Painters | Black & Tan

19Maeve & Quinn | Stuck Inside

20The Reklaws & Drake Milligan | Honky Tonkin’ About

21⭐️ Ben Davis Jr. | Binding Winding Road

22⭐️ Tim Baker | Twenty Twenty

23Ken Yates | In Light Of My Absence

24Zach Seabaugh | Maybe We Do

25Darlingside | Green Light

26Charlie Rogers | When He Was Me

27NuAsia | This Country of Mine

28Clementine Was Right | River Boys


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