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Albums Of The Week: Girlschool | WTFortyfive?

The hard-rock heroines prove age is nothing but a number on their slamming return.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Now 45 years young, British hard rock royalty Girlschool haven’t aged a day on their 14th studio album WTFortyfive?

Indeed, the album is a deliciously dirty declaration that age is nothing but a number — a number that shows how much real raw attitude you have when it really counts. With WTFortyfive?, Kim McAuliffe (guitar/vocals), Denise Dufort (drums), Jackie Chambers (guitar/backing vocals) and Tracey Lamb (bass) leave the grit under their fingernails and the muck on their crusty leather boots as they riff and stomp their way through 12 statements of intent laced with major attitude, great melodies, and a mighty crunch to every guitar.

Lead single Are You Ready? sets the pace, a racy, raunchy, fun-saturated shapeshifter cowritten with Alcatrazz’s Joe Stump. Then there’s the Wandsworth-via-Sunset Strip sway of Bump In The Night, the youthful, punky romp of Up To No Good, and the smart, sassy hooks of Believing In You, with McAuliffe’s vocals sounding as sharp and raucous as ever.

Second single It Is What It Is is classic Girlschool — fun, real, uncompromising, with an addictive, motör-charged scuzz and a chorus that is guaranteed to stay stuck in your head for many weeks to come. The song has a no-frills message of accepting the past, present, and making the most of the hand you are dealt: “It is what it is, so what ya’ gonna do about it?”

Photo by Adam Kennedy.

“It’s all about having no regrets,” McAuliffe explains. “You can’t change the past, just get on and make the most of it! No point in crying over spilt mill — or beer, as the case may be — make the most of it now!”

And if that isn’t enough, their raunch roars and rolls with the help of guests like Biff Byford (Saxon), Phil Campbell (Motörhead) and Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses) on a cracking cover of Born To Raise Hell! So throw away your inhibitions and join these spectacularly wild women on the most glorious of rock ’n’ roll rides. Lemmy knew, so should you!

Girlschool were formed in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene in the 1970s, and are frequently associated with contemporaries Motörhead. They are the longest-running all-female rock band, still active after almost 40 years. During their career, Girlschool have traveled the world playing rock and metal festivals and co-headlining with the superstars of hard rock and heavy metal. They maintain a worldwide cult following and are an inspiration for many female rock musicians. Despite frequent lineup changes, original members McAuliffe, Dufort and long-tenured member Lamb are still in the band. Original lead guitarist and singer Kelly Johnson died of cancer in 2007.”


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