Everything’s Coming Up Rosey for Heather HIll

The singer-songwriter and pianist uncorks her fizzy new jazz single.


Heather Hill finds life is Rosey in her intoxicating jazz new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The pop of a champagne bottle opening never fails to light up a room and bring smiles, whether it’s in the midst of a big celebration or an intimate affair. There’s something warmly nostalgic about that flute full of delicious bubbly, especially when it’s pink. One delightful sip can transport you to a simpler, yet elegant time of exhilarating love, easy laughter and letting go. Multi-honoured singer-songwriter Heather Hill is serving up the joyful effervescence of pink champagne in her irresistible new release.

The Blue Mountains, Ont. artist is pouring on intoxicating romance with this retro confection that blows a kiss back to the post-swing jazz era with a wink and a nudge to Les Paul and Mary Ford, all dressed in modern musical sensibilities. The lead single from her upcoming fourth album Twilight Mist, Rosey was co-written with Hill’s frequent collaborator, award winning Ontario singer-songwriter Matt Gerber.

Photo by Robert Saxe.

“Rosey is a throwback 1950s jazz pop tune about love and delight,” notes Hill. “Matt and I imagined an incredible night of pink champagne and dancing. Everything is bubbly and full of love and life.”

“I love the light that sparkles in your eyes
Intoxicating. I’m mesmerized.
I could drink you up. It’s no surprise.
I wish I could bottle this sweet and bubbly love!”

There’s a very specific setting that Hill and Gerber imagined setting the scene and give the story in Rosey its vibrant, nostalgic overtones. “This heart-opening song had me envisioning a fancy party in a beautiful dance hall,” Hill recalls. “There are pink bubbles, pink drinks, pink dresses, pink roses and a jazz band. At this fancy party, the guests are floating around the dance floor in bliss and delight. Love and pink champagne has transformed the guests and the entire evening.”

Rosey makes it effortless to get caught up in its rapturous vibe with Hill’s sweet, flirtatious vocal buoyed by acclaimed, Juno-nominated jazz pianist and drummer David Restivo, guitarist Mike Rud and upright bassist Jill McKenna. Truly a cross country effort, the instrumental trio recorded the instrumental tracks for Rosey in Restivo’s home city of Nelson, B.C. and Hill recorded her lead vocal at Villa Sound in Singhampton, Ont. with engineer Adam Fair, who also mixed the song.

Photo by Brendan Albert.

Hill has always pursued collaborations with diverse artists and her songwriting prowess has been paying off in industry recognition and accolades. Love, a song co-written with another frequent collaborator Sarah Prodan that will be included on Twilight Mist, was recently selected as Best Original Song for the Love Wins International Festival, which takes place in both Los Angeles and New York City during Pride in both locales. Free This Love, another co-write with Matt Gerber and award-winning Toronto singer-songwriter Henry Lees, picked up top 10 honours from the 2022 USA Songwriting Competition and reached the semi-finals for the 2022 International Songwriting Contest. Another co-write with Gerber, You’re So Beautiful, became a semi-finalist in the 2021 International Songwriting Competition.

Hill has also co-written several songs with Chris Antonik, a No. 1 charting, multiple Maple Blues Awards nominee, Canadian rock powerhouse Jess Speziale, Meghaan LeBlanc, a Nova Scotian Celtic troubadour and Kat Leonard, a comedian and entertainer.

Watch the video for Rosey above, sample more music from Heather Hill below, and keep up with her on her website, Facebook and Instagram.


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