Hot Mondy Make A Clean Getaway In Desert Moonlight

The Halifax country-rockers’ latest release spins a darkly tense, cinematic tale.


Hot Mondy deliver the goods (in more ways than one) in their compelling new single and cinematic video Desert Moonlight — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Desert Moonlight is a pulpy roadhouse epic that tells the story of a bagman who does his work under the cover of night,” the Halifax country-rockers explain. But that simple summary doesn’t really do it justice. In addition to being a darkly mesmerizing, tensely powerful number, Desert Moonlight serves as a masterclass in vivid storytelling — and choosing the right collaborators.

For Hot Mondy, that list includes Juno-winning producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda (Barenaked Ladies, Rheostatics, Buffy Sainte-Marie), who spent months honing the sound of the group’s Pale Embers EP, which includes the track. Then the band recruited director Brad Tobler of Imagine That Films to create a full complement of videos for the disc. Desert Moonlight also features Wintersleep drummer Loel Campbell as well as Grammy-nominated string arranger Drew Jureka.

Hot Mondy is Matt Rhind (lead vocals), Travis Flint (guitar and lead vocals), Troy Arseneault (lead guitar), Mat Budreski (rhythm guitar) and Matt Brannon (bass). They describe their blend of country, roots, and rock as “familiar yet original — satisfying but unpredictable.” Another understatement.

Watch Desert Moonlight above, listen to the track below, and get more from Hot Mondy on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.