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Albums Of The Week: Brandy Clark | Brandy Clark

With the help of producer Brandi Carlile and guest like Derek Trucks & Lucius, the singer-songwriter turns in the most powerful and personal album of her career.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and musician Brandy Clark’s highly anticipated, self-titled album was produced by nine-time Grammy winner Brandi Carlile — and showcases Clark’s versatility with 11 songs that span the emotional spectrum.

“This album is a return home to me in many ways,” Clark shares. “Musically it’s the rawest I’ve been since 12 Stories and maybe even rawer. When Brandi and I sat down and talked about working together, one thing that really intrigued me was her saying ‘I see it as your return to the northwest.’ (Since the two of us are both from Washington state). That comment inspired so much for me. It took me back to where and how I grew up. Northwest and She Smoked In The House were both a result of that early conversation. Working with another recording artist on this project was such a gift that I didn’t even know I needed and changed the way I want to write songs and make records moving forward. My hope is that anyone who hears this album will feel the heart that I put into every note of it.”

Photo by Victoria Stevens.

Carlile adds, “Brandy is one of the greatest songwriters I’ve ever known. And I feel like I now know exactly who Brandy Clark is through the portal of this singular brilliantly written album. When I heard the songs for this album, they took me back to the first time I heard Car Wheels On A Gravel Road. I was thinking about Tom Petty, The Pretenders, Kim Richey, Sheryl Crow, Shelby Lynne and the soul of ’90s Americana before it had a name. Brandy’s voice is like a friend you’ve had your whole life the second you hear it. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. This is her moment. This is the one. Sometimes an artist only gets one shot at an album like this in their life. This is the time Brandy has chosen to reveal herself to the world as an artist and a woman and I was blessed beyond measure to be the person she trusted to support and facilitate that swan dive.”

Recorded at the famed Shangri-La studio in Malibu, the album, Clark’s fourth, features the most raw and intimate recordings of the CMA winner’s decade-long career as both a hit songwriter for other artists and a performer in her own right. In addition to Clark and Carlile, the album includes special guests Derek Trucks and Lucius as well as Matt Chamberlain on drums, Sebastian Steinberg on bass, Dave Palmer on piano, Jedd Hughes on guitar, Kyleen King on viola, Josh Neumann on cello, Sista Strings (aka Monique and Chauntee Ross) on cello and violin, Steve Fishell on pedal steel and Jay Carlile on background vocals and harmonica.

Clark is one of her generation’s most respected songwriters and musicians. In addition to writing songs like A Beautiful Noise, the Grammy-nominated duet performed by Brandi Carlile and Alicia Keys, and Kacey MusgravesFollow Your Arrow, Clark has released three acclaimed albums of her own including 2020’s acclaimed Your Life is A Record.”


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