Seksi Makes A Holiday Love Connection On Be My Christmas Dream Tonight

The Toronto artist's latest single brings us together at a time when we can't be.


Seksi spreads some holiday lovin’ with his upbeat single Be My Christmas Dream Tonight and new video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Reminiscent of the SNL classic I Wish It Was Christmas Today, this holiday treat takes listeners on a musical and emotional journey, complete with surprise gospel ending, jingling bells and enough Yuletide-themed fun to leave anyone with a wide-eyed grin on their face. But listen closely and it’s clear that there’s a deeper message embedded within this bass-driven single. The fact is, many of us will be spending the holidays this year without the presence of those nearest and dearest to us — possibly for the first time ever.

Be My Christmas Dream Tonight is designed to bring people together during a time when we can’t physically be together. Seksi — the pop-star alter-ego of Toronto chef Luke Hayes — wanted this happy-go-lucky tune to “uplift” and “inspire” during such a difficult time.

Watch the lyric video for Be My Christmas Dream Tonight above, hear more from Seksi below, and keep up with him on his website and Instagram.