GreenWing | Dark: Exclusive Premiere

The Saskatoon rockers gaze into the abyss on their smouldering new single.


GreenWing want you to join them in the Dark on their intense and intimate new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A smouldering, self-reflective slow-burner that moves from the ’90s indie-rock haze and swirl of Pavement to a soaring, cathartically anthemic Can-rock chorus, the Saskatoon quartet’s latest release unflinchingly examines loss, grief and a sense of impending doom. As the rhythm section gradually ratchets up the tension and the guitars slash and slice through the mix, the vocals gaze into the abyss — while fighting the urge to leap:

“You keep whispering
I can make it stop
If i just jump in
Yeah you’re calling
Come to the dark with me
I don’t want to die
But I long to be free

“From all the shit in my head
I’m so sick of pop music about wanting to be dead
Turning on the tv and only feeling dread
The economy’s tanking and my friend shot dead
It not helping me change my mind about what’s next.”

Pointed, potent and powerful, Dark builds upon the groundwork laid by the band’s 2022 outstanding debut album Late Bloomer, embodying an overarching sense of pop lyricism juxtaposed against a hard-hitting track and slamming guitars. Guitarist Anthony Allegretto says Dark is about “feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders and pushing through with a hopeful desperation,” while drummer Kolt Kimbley calls it “energetic with a dark but hopeful feeling.” The track was self-produced by the band at singer/guitarist Matt Stinn’s studio, Rainy Day Recording Co., with mastering by Trevor Case (Jon Batiste, Rita Ora, Orgy) at Case Mastering.

Established in 2021, GreenWing’s early days saw them living through Covid lockdowns and the harsh Saskatchewan winter while finding sanity through collaborating on a collection of songs and the hopes of one day returning to stages and touring. Once lockdowns lifted, they quickly made a name for themselves with tour dates that featured their signature singalong hooks, infectious driving energy, and chaotic stage presence. In short order, the band were enlisted for opening gigs for the likes of Three Days Grace, Mom Jeans and Reignwolf, garnering award nominations and placements on multiple “Best Of” lists. Look for GreenWing on tour across Canada in 2023.

Check out Dark above, listen to Late Bloomer below, and keep up with GreenWing on their website, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


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