Monday Mixtape | More Than 100 Songs To Get Back On Track (Side 2)

Mayday, Mayday! And a manic Monday to boot! But with good reason: I just got back from several days in Las Vegas, where I saw Iggy Pop & The Losers and got a guided tour of the new Punk Rock Museum from none other than Gogol Bordello singer Eugene Hütz. I’ll have more to say on those incredible events in the coming days. But first, I’ve got to dig myself out from under several hundred emails and notifications and updates and requests and obligations and whatnot — starting with these 100-plus singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasures, golden oldies and live performances. As always, the list includes dozens of gems you won’t find anywhere else. You Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🏠. Welcome back:



1🏠 Joseph | Fireworks

2Manu Shamba | Elle Chante (ft. Naneth Nkoghe)

3🏠 Magon | Havana Bay

4Hips | Gimme Gimme

5Kristina Dervaitis | If Only

6Standin’ Man | Changin’ Wind

7Leanne Hoffman | Pity Party

8Emily Monsen | How We Used to Be

9Juniper Honey | Stone Me

10Original Pairs | Money On A Tree

11🏠 Alan Palomo | Nudista Mundial ’89 (ft. Mac DeMarco)

12Lisa Remar | Woke Up Early

13Fences | No One

14Leone | Kiss ’Em Bye Bye

15Luke Elliott | William Tell

16Dali Van Gogh | Tom Sawyer

17Goldridge | Worth It

18Xinwenyue Shi | 3U Daydream

19Moon Worm | Midnight Audio

20Les Techno | Make You Feel Good

21🏠 Velvet Two Stripes | The One

22Para Lia | Sunchild

23Remy Reilly | What Do Ya Know

24Edie Yvonne | Stain