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Idiot Grins Are Proud To Be The Hounds Of Mess Around

The Oakland outfit's fifth full-length is bursting with pep & devil-may-care attitude.

Idiot Grins put a smile on your face with their upbeat and lighthearted new album Hounds Of Mess Around — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The fifth full-length from the eclectic Oakland crew — whose sound embraces R&B, soul, jazz-rock, pop and alt-country — Hounds Of Mess Around is bursting with pep while exuding a devil-may-care attitude. “We all gave each other COVID during one of the first sessions, but managed to recover from that to finish the album in a leisurely 12 months,” they say.

It was worth the hardship. Hounds Of Mess Around arrives with a fully evolved signature sound, full of danceable rhythms and a compelling tapestry of complementary instrumentation. A perfect album for a road trip album, or just for taking it easy with a cold beverage, Hounds Of Mess Around spotlights a truly seasoned band who seem completely comfortable in their musical skin, experimenting freely while keeping the mood optimistic and bright.

Idiot Grins have been known to take creative risks, like collaborating on 2017’s State Of Health with The Byrd Sisters. State Of Health featured the Top 10 digital radio hit Get Busy Dying and Top 20 digital radio hit Take It Back. Their biggest departure, perhaps, was Thoughts & Prayers, released in November 2020. The record was a daring reinterpretation of The Louvin Brothers’ controversial 1959 country-gospel album Satan is Real.

Listen to Hounds Of Mess Around below and join Idiot Grins on their website, Facebook and Instagram.