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Next Week in Music | July 26 – Aug. 1 • The Long List: 350 Releases On The Way

All the music heading to your playlist in the coming days. And then some.


Monday is Coffee Milkshake Day. Tuesday is Scotch Day. Wednesday is Milk Chocolate Day. Thursday is Chicken Wing Day, Lasagne Day and Chili Dog Day. Friday is Cheesecake Day. Saturday is Avocado Day. Hope you’re hungry. And if you’re looking for something to do between meals, you could always dig into the 350 albums, EPs, singles, compilations, anthologies, box sets and vinyl reissues on the menu next week. Bon appétit.



Agrypnie | Metamorphosis
Ah-Mer-Ah-Su | Hopefully Limitless EP
Akmu | Next Episode
A Letter Home | Have A Good Old Fashioned Christmas
Dolfiin Alexander | Rainbow Days
Dot Allison | Heart-Shaped Scars
Amnessia Eterna | Malditos
Paul Anka | Making Memories
Ankhlejohn & Da$h | Honey Sweeter Than Blood
Amindi | Nice EP
Anywheredoor | Observables
Appleblim | Infinite Hieroglyphics
David Arcos | Dime Más Single
Jelani Aryeh | I’ve Got Some Living To Do
A Sea of Dead Trees | Garmonbozia
Asthma/Młody | asthmatic
Ateez | Dreamers
The Awakening | Mirage Reissue
Iggy Azalea | End of an Era
The Bablers | Psychadilly Circus (Radio Edit) (Big Stir Single No. 144)
Babylung | To Live And Die In Surrey
Bad Trips | Ridgewood Ayahuasca
Dan Baker | From Corners Quiet EP
Balimaya Project | Wolo So
Jon Batiste | Live At Electric Lady EP
Batsch | Attend Every Party
Bailey Baum | Over It EP
The Beach Boys | Feel Flows: The Sunflower & Surf’s Up Sessions 1969-1971
Beach Towel | Pfirsich Melba
Big Big Train | Common Ground
Binding Spell | English Basement
Blameful Isles | Ereeséon
Bleachers | Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night
Blitz | The Nachtmahr Sessions
Blues Traveler | Traveler’s Blues
Bootblacks | Thin Skies Remixed
Boyband | Never Knows Best
Brilliant Colors | The Ultimate Dream. Plan B: Disposal Of Humanity
Alan Brown | Revolt Against The Age Of Plenty
The Busy Twist | World Of The Spirits EP
Geezer Butler | Manipulations Of The Mind – The Complete Collection
Geezer Butler | The Very Best of Geezer Butler
Ryan Caraveo | Northend Sweetheart
Chris Carter (of Throbbing Gristle) | Electronic Ambient Remixes One and Three Vinyl Reissue
Lynda Carter | Unexpected
John Casey | Harsh Reality
William Cashion | Postcard Music Remixes
Cemento Atlantico | Rotte Interrotte
Chain of Islands | Ochre EP
Changüí | The Sound of Guantánamo,
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! | Gone Are The Good Days
Cignol | Darya Message
Cindytalk | Wappinschaw Reissue
Cindytalk | The Wind is Strong … Reissue
Club Winston | Enjoy!
Club Winston | Remixes
Hikari Codama | Heroine Syokougun
The Cold Stares | Heavy Shoes
Cam Cole | Crooked Hill
Shirley Collins | Crowlink EP
The Colorist Orchestra | Not On The Map
Ali Comerford | Knots
Covered In Sores | Civilian Casualties
Creeper | American Noir
Dennis Cruz | Los Tamales Single
Gemma Cullingford | Let Me Speak
Cultum Interitum | Veneration Of The New Dawn
Ryan Curtis | Rust Belt Broken Heart
Dâm-Funk | Above The Fray
Olivia Dean | Growth EP
Death Valley Girls | Street Venom Deluxe Edition
Sally Decker | In The Tender Dream
Deeper | Auto – Pain Deluxe
Deer Tick | Live From Fort Adams
Jean-Paul De Roover | Lone EP
Sebastián de Urquiza | Unity Vol. 1
L Devine | Near Life Experience Part One
Keinyo Diggit | get to know the deep without drowning
Dylan DiLella | Human Shield
Dimman | Songs and Tales of Grievance
DMX Krew | Peripheral Visions
D.O. | Empathy
Dragons Kiss | Barbarians of the Wasteland
Dreamcatcher | Summer Holiday
Freddie Dredd | Doomset
Dave East & Harry Fraud | HOFFA
Eastern High | Halo
Eden | The First Circle
The Effens | Eventually EP
Billie Eilish | Happier Than Ever
Elder Devil | Fragments of Hell
Mason Embers | The Astounding Descent
Emmavie | What’s a Diamond to a Baby EP
Encarta 98 | Lo Que Extrañas Ya No Existe
The Enigmatic Foe | The Original Plan
Erasure | The Neon Remixed
Alejandro Escovedo | La Cruzada
Expunged | Into Never Shall
Fate’s Hand | Fate’s Hand EP
Fear-E | Mechanical Music for Brighter Days
Bryan Ferry | Another Time, Another Place Vinyl Reissue
Bryan Ferry | Boys And Girls Vinyl Reissue
Bryan Ferry | In Your Mind Vinyl Reissue
Bryan Ferry | Let’s Stick Together Vinyl Reissue
Bryan Ferry | The Bride Stripped Bare Vinyl Reissue
Bryan Ferry | These Foolish Things Vinyl Reissue
Fidde | Real Love EP
Fight Club | Until The Sun Drowns
Fimir | Tomb of God
The Five Hundred | A World On Fire
FiXT Radium | Nova
The Flashcubes with Mimi Betinis | Baby It’s Cold Outside Single
Fldpln | Escalator
Footings | Annihilation
John Foxx | The Garden 40th Anniversary Edition
Aretha Franklin | Aretha
Henry Franklin | The Skipper at Home Reissue
The Ghost Inside | Rise From The Ashes: Live At The Shrine
Giacomelli | Interplanetary Thoughts
John Glacier | SHILOH: Lost For Words
Glaskin | Fine Silver Single
Good Job Honey | Why You So Sticky
Grand Evolution | Glow
Dean Granros, Zacc Harris, Chris Bates, Jay Epstein | Taller Tales
Grieving | Songs For the Weary
Curtis Grimes | Curtis Grimes
Grizfolk | Grizfolk
Groza | The Redemptive End
Guardian Singles | Guardian Singles Reissue
Mell Hall | Knock Knock (ft. Thandi Phoenix) Single
The Halluci Nation | One More Saturday Night
Daniel Hart | The Green Knight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Garrett Heath | Journeying The Human Condition
Hedonic Reversal | Se Van Sus Naves
James Leonard Hewitson | Commercial
Hexorcist | Evil Reaping Death
Lauren Hibberd | Goober EP
Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers | Tremblin’
Honnda | Ultimate Rivals: The Court (Original Game Soundtrack)
Hooded Menace | The Tritonus Bell
Horsey | Debonair
Laurin Huber | Dog Mountain
Zack Hurts | Tell Me I’m Fine
Hyacinth. | Hold Onto Love
Phyllis Hyman | Old Friend: The Deluxe Edition 1976-1998
ID KY | Kitty Cat 1.5
Ingested | The Surreption II (Redux)
Naia Izumi | A Residency In The Los Angeles Area
Darla Jade | Disconnect EP
Jaden | Trippy Summer: The Study of Mystical States of Consciousness
Isabella James | Artemis, Arethusa and Siproites
Leela James | See Me
Jango Flash | My Mercedes Single
Durand Jones & The Indications | Private Space
The Joy Formidable | Into The Blue
June3rd | Jemeni
Jxdn | Tell Me About Tomorrow Deluxe
Ryan Kinder | Room To Dream
King Woman | Celestial Blues
Koleżanka | place is
Mark Laird | Random EP
Lakes | Start Again
Joey Landreth | Songs I Love EP
Lantlôs | Melting Sun
Lantlôs | Wildhund Deluxe Edition
Jim Lauderdale | Hope
Hudson Lee | Reflex Angle
Level 42 | The Complete Polydor Years Volume 2 1985-1989
Lip Critic / Omnibael | Split LP
Lissie | Watch Over Me (Early Works 2002-2009)
Lobsterbomb | Go! Go! Go! EP
London Boys : Requiem: The London Boys Story
Los Lobos | Native Sons
Lotus Thrones | Lovers In Wartime
Laney Lou & The Bird Dogs | Through the Smoke
Low Roar | maybe tomorrow
Lump | Animal
Lysol | Soup For My Family
Andrew Finn Magill | Festa!
Ruth Mascelli | A Night At The Baths
Chase Matthew | County Line EP
Mayson’s Party | Mayson’s Party EP
Ava Max | Heaven & Hell (Full Universe)
Parker McCollum | Gold Chain Cowboy
Natalie McCool | Memory Girl
Sam Mehran | Cold Brew
Hatsune Miku | Digital Stars 2021
Lisa Mills | The Triangle Expanded Edition
Lakou Mizik and Joseph Ray | Leave The Bones
Mod ClassicTK | H8 EP
Moon Reaper | Descent
BP Moore | If I Don’t See You Again
Lee Morgan | The Complete Live at the Lighthouse
Tim Motzer | Many Ways Around the Sun
DJ Muggs & Hologram | American Cheese
My Idea | That’s My Idea
My Tree | Where the Grace Is
Qasim Naqvi | Chronology
Gabe Nandez | Seven
Necessary People | These Are The Necessary People
NeedToBreathe | Into The Mystery
Jonah Nilsson | Bad
Nite Fleit | Sycophantic Romantic
NNIC | Slow Motion Fantasy EP
Nobody’s Girl | Nobody’s Girl
Noga | The Alchemist EP
Laura Nyro | American Dreamer
The Obits | Die At The Zoo
Geoffrey O’Connor | For As Long As I Can Remember
Steven Lee Olsen | Relationship Goals
John Orpheus | Saga King
O.S.I. | Free Vinyl Reissue
O.S.I. | Office Of Strategic Influence Vinyl Reissue
Our Place of Worship is Silence | Disavowed, and Left Hopeless
Pageants | Sun and Settled Days
Patrick Paige II | If I Fail Are We Still Cool?
Paper Birch | Morninghairwater
Parallax | Awaken
Parma | For You
Parquet Courts | American Specialties Reissue
Charlie Parr | Last of the Better Days Ahead
Parranda La Cruz | Aguacero
Parrilla | Femme Fatale
Partial Traces | Wild Surf / Quiet Blues
Axel Rudi Pell | Diamonds Unlocked II
Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions | Do The Understanding
Pepe Deluxé | Big Fat Woodpecker EP
Persona | Som
Dave Phillips | To Death
Pimblico | Sapphire Sparkle Single
Pink Turns Blue | You Still Mean Too Much To Me
Kaycyy Pluto | WHO IS KAYCYY
Poise | Vestiges
The Poppermost | Hits To Spare
Praise the Plague | The Obsidian Gate
Terry Presume | What Box?
Prince | Welcome 2 America
Psychic Flowers | For the Undertow
Punk Rock Factory | Masters Of The Uniwurst
Queensrÿche | Empire Deluxe Edition
Queensrÿche | Operation: Mindcrime Deluxe Edition
The Quireboys | A Bit of What You Fancy (30th Anniversary Edition)
Rakta | Live at Novas Frequências
Isaiah Rashad | The House Is Burning
Rayne | False Love
Recognize Ali | Recognize Tha Light
Alex Rex | Paradise
Daniel Rhode | Electrical Interaction Systems
Matias Riquelme | 7
Ric Robertson | Carolina Child
Zilla Rocca | Vegas Vic
Rockabye Baby | Lullaby Renditions of Dolly Parton
Quelly Roo | Tactical Pressure
Marina Rosenfeld & Ben Vida | Leaving
Rozzi | Hymn for Tomorrow
Rummelsnuff & Asbach | Äquatortaufe
Tigo Sa | Querelas de Brasilia EP
Sadistik | L’appel Du Vide
Sarkodie | No Pressure
Satl | Bedroom Producer with a Dream
The Savage Young Taterbug | Dropping Splinter into Baby’s Palm / Buddy’s Room
Lee Scott & Hyroglifics | [gate clicks shut]
Section H8 | Welcome To The Nightmare
Mark Seelig | The Disciple’s Meditation
Seether | Wasteland: The Purgatory EP
Sense Offender & NIL| Split EP
Vasconcelos Sentimento | Furto
Brian Setzer | Setzer Goes Instrum-Mental! Reissue
7eventh Time Down | I’m Free
Sik World | Still Lost 2
Skirts | Great Big Wild Oak
Sleep Moscow | Of the Sun
Hugh Small & Brian Allen Simon | The Side I Never See
Dee Snider | Leave A Scar
Mark Solotroff | Not Everybody Makes It
Somi | Zenzile: The Reimagination of Miriam Makeba
Daniel Son & Slim One | Bloodlust
Son Lux | Tomorrows
Sonny & The Sunsets | New Day With New Possibilities
Son Volt | Electro Melodier
Soulja Boy | Big Draco
K. Sparks & Es-K | King
Jeremy Squires | Unravel
Chris Stamey & Kirk Ross | The Robust Beauty of Improper Linear Models in Decision Making, Vol. I
Chris Stamey & Kirk Ross | The Robust Beauty of Improper Linear Models in Decision Making, Vol. II
Lindsay Starr | Blaming The Weather
Brin & Josiah Steinbrick | Bliss Place
Sunny Riot | Cultivate the Silence EP
Supermega | DTF
The Surfing Magazines | Badgers of Wymeswold
Serpentrance | Akra Tapeinosis
Swallow The Sun | 20 Years Of Gloom, Beauty And Despair – Live in Helsinki
Sweet Teeth | Acid Rain
Sycco | Sycco’s First EP
Syndone | Kāma Sūtra
Tangents | Timeslips & Chimeras
Tayls | Have You Ever? (I’ve Always)
Tee Dee Dees | 1^2=1
Teme | HA LF EP
Tennis Pagan | Tur
Iya Terra | Ease & Grace
Thin Lizzy | Greatest Hits Vinyl Reissue
B.J. Thomas | The Very Best Of
Tink | Heat of the Moment
Tombstoner | Victims Of Vile Torture
Torres | Thirstier
Tragedy | Disco Balls To The Wall
Benny Trokan | Get It In the End Single
Troldhaugen | Obzkure Anekdotez for Maniakal Massez Reissue
The Tubs | Names EP
Tush | Fantast
Twice | Perfect World
UKGeorge4 | Club Winston Remixes EP
Underdark | Our Bodies Burned Bright on Re – entry
Unknown T | Adolescence
Unreqvited | Beautiful Ghosts
Kiana V | Dazed EP
Various Artists | Chicago: Music From the Miramax Motion Picture Vinyl Reissue
Various Artists | Culxr House: Freedom Summer
Various Artists | Even More Dazed and Confused Vinyl Reissue
Various Artists | Habibi Funk 015: An Eclectic Selection Of Music From The Arab World Part 2
Various Artists | Separate Paths Together: An Anthology of British Male Singer-Songwriters 1965-1975
Various Artists | Taking Some Time On: Underground Sounds of 1970
Various Artists | This Is Australia: Volume Two
Various Artists | Tomorrow Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
Various Artists | True Romance Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
Alan Vega, Ben Vaughn, Barb Dwyer & Palmyra Delran | Alan Vega After Dark
Vial | Loudmouth
Clay Walker | Texas To Tennessee
The Wandering Hearts | The Wandering Hearts
We Are Only Human Once | skinless
Wild Wes | Nebula
Tom Williams | Follow The Leader
Leslie Winer | When I Hit You — You’ll Feel It
Wolfclub | Just Drive (Part 2)
Wych Elm | Rabbit Wench EP
Xalpen | Sawken Xo´on
Marcey Yates, XOBOI | Culxr House : Freedom Summer
Yes | The Symphonic Music Of Yes
Yeule | Serotonin X
YNW Melly | Just A Matter of Slime
Yola | Stand for Myself
B Young | Differences
Young Culture | Godspeed EP
Young Dolph | PAPER ROUTE iLLUMINATi- 3/23
Young Keefa | Big Keefa
YTN DoomsD.A.Y. | S
Yueke | Catch Me If You Can EP
ZRL | Our Savings
Mui Zyu | A Wonderful Thing Vomits EP