Rewinding 2022 | Tinnitist’s Top Mixtape Tracks: October

All the biggest, boldest, bizarrest and bad-assedest videos of the month that was.

Asking me to pick my favourite songs of the year is like asking a competitive eater to name their favourite hot dogs. After the first 25,000, it becomes kind of a blur, you know? And that number is no hype. I did the math — on a typical week, I share 500-600 singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies and live performances in my roundups. That’s upwards of 25,000 tunes over the year. Even if I wanted to revisit them all, I couldn’t. But here’s what I can (and did) do: Compile all the top daily videos into monthly mixtapes. Here’s October, in chronological order:


Fantastic Negrito | In My Head

Billy Strings | Long Journey Home + Life To Go

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard | Iron Lung

Phoxjaw | Apples

Pulled Apart By Horses | Rinse & Repeat

Lowlife | Sometimes

Grimelda | George Thorogood

Show Me The Body | WW4

Sex Beat | Ups And Downs

Glyders | High Time

Afton Wolfe | Black Velvet

Quasi | Queen of Ears

Fucked Up | One Day

The Men | Hard Livin’

Cuntroaches | Borborygmus

Maya Delilah | Pretty Face

Castle Rat | Feed The Dream

The Bronx | Halloween Dead