Aieysha Haws Would Journey To Infinity 4 U

The Toronto singer-songwriter’s latest gem celebrates an all-consuming connection.

Aieysha Haws goes the distance in her spacious and seductive new single Infinity 4 U — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A hybrid of R&B, hip-hop, neo-soul and gospel influences that celebrates an eternal, all-consuming connection, the Toronto singer-songwriter’s latest track is meant to uplift, heal those who have lost, and embrace serenity for growing love and appreciation of nature. It inhabits a world whose depths exceed our senses; a place where we’re compelled to journey and (re)connect.

“Imagine where your heart will take you and go wherever it leads,” says Haws. “I dedicate these words to the great creator, the infinite essence within us and beyond, and to my mother, who gave me the opportunity to travel, observe and play in nature as a kid.”

Infinity 4 U is the followup to her 2021 track Turmoil. Like her previous work, it fuses multiple genres create a unique and compelling sound that is lively, vivid, powerful and unpredictable. Music from Patti LaBelle, Tina Turner and other likeminded artists inspired and accelerated her passion for storytelling, arts and community at an early age. Across the world, Haws shares love and wisdom through captivating melodies, piercing lyricism and effervescence, eager to help people grow & thrive amidst life’s surprises.

Check out Infinity 4 U above, sample more music from Aieysha Haws below, and journey to her website, Instagram and Twitter.


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