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Barbara Promise To Bring You Happy Days! Next Week

The sibling duo blend classic pop with literary influences on their upcoming EP.

Barbara, a ’70s-inspired pop duo from Brighton, have just announced the upcoming release of their second EP Happy Days! Comprised of brothers Henry and John Tydeman, Barbara have captivated multi-generational audiences with their distinctive blend of eclectic influences, and satirical lyricism. Happy Days! is set for release May 22.

Following the success of their debut EP and a string of acclaimed live performances, Barbara are poised to deliver a collection of tracks that showcase the growing juxtaposition of power in 2024. Ironically (yet purposefully) named Happy Days!, the EP continues the band’s tradition of crafting classic pop with an intelligent literary approach. Their lyrics merrily challenge the societal and generational divide that’s covered in the media daily. Melodically drawing from the likes of glam-pop and Broadway, the brothers openly question the media’s perception of leadership, the swayed depiction of modernity versus tradition and the power of communicating your values, irrelevant of when you were born.

With their quintessentially British lyrics, infused with the refreshingly inquisitive spirit of wordsmiths like Harold Pinter, George Orwell and Ray Davies, Barbara offer listeners a characterful, immersive musical experience that transcends long-established generational boundaries. In particular, thei track Grandad demonstrates a familiar tension between the youngest and oldest of family members and plays out as a dialogue across the generations, a conversation within a song, with one brother playing the grandson, and the other as the grandad. As a pair that never got to meet their grandparents, there’s a sense of distant observation in the single, alongside an optimistic hope to find a joyful common ground in music.

Barbara’s upcoming EP release comes after supporting The Divine Comedy and Haircut One Hundred the following year. They are currently touring the U.K. for Paul Weller’s sold-out run of dates, the band are excited to get back on the road for their very own headline tour. Dates are yet to be released.

Presave Happy Days! HERE, check out the tracklist and listen to more from Barbara below, watch some of their videos above, and find them on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy Days! Tracklist

1 | Mein Fräulein
2 | Enduring Love
3 | Pretty Straight Guy
4 | Waiting Outside Alone
5 | Master Narrative
6 | Grandad